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Teach you how to play a good search never lack of customers and rapid become any industry experts

, a core factor to reason Shanghai Longfeng ranked

users search is a question and answer interactive interface, through popular search, navigate to the most practical answer, can quickly become experts in any industry.


search is a direct mapping of the needs of users feedback, through the search index data, analysis can directly in any field of customer demand for precise positioning of business opportunities;

In the traditional Internet The main purpose of the

people on the Internet looking for answers, the main tool is the search, in the era of Internet search has become the main entrance flow. Although the application of mobile phone market, WeChat search in the mobile Internet now occupy a certain market share of traditional search engine, but the main search engine in the mobile Internet is still dominant.

then I through Tai Chi the principle of maintaining the status quo, the core factors easily inferred love Shanghai website ranking optimization, and to share one of my good friends, he was very hesitant after that, don’t believe my share, because too simple, in his mind like other owners think, search ranking optimization is a very complex technology! I encourage friends to try this, it made a lot of money. In 2010, Shanghai announced the first love "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 1", a look, with my reasoning perfectly.

before 2010, the website of Shanghai dragon is the webmaster has been the most popular topic, countless Shanghai dragon training industry have emerged, the market of huge profits and visible degree. At that time, the Shanghai dragon edition website optimization research keywords have emerge in an endless stream, research program, a study of the chain, there are research contents and so on. In a word, like a bunch of headless flies around. Only in the preoperative level to study, is confused by the phenomenon, has not caught the essence.

love to Shanghai as an example to carry out the theme of today, eventually, to play a good love Shanghai search, then look at the other is very simple, reading this article, you will at least have the following big gain:

1, master any search ranking of Shanghai dragon cheats, and can change its reasoning algorithm, easy fun search, then the algorithm will not be confused.

search is the main entrance flow of Internet era, the key words can be located to the most accurate customer groups, the transaction conversion rate can reach more than 2%;

3, quickly find a gap in the market, accurate positioning profiteering project, and through the search, fast learning, become an expert in any industry.

website is very simple, it is not technology, anyone can learn in 10 minutes, so how to search row >

2, master search SEM core cheats, avoid wrong in several core factors, reduce the cost, reduce unnecessary losses.

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