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Reasonable website revision will not affect the search engine ranking



3. site title, keywords and description is the core of a website, the three of any changes will have a huge impact on the website, so try not to change the site in the revision of the title, keywords and description of changes in these places, will lead to a search engine to your site into the sandbox. Will be in a very long period of time, due to re-examine your site and delete your website ranking, you will increase the operating costs, will cause the loss of customers, flow straight down

1. in the site before the revision, get ready to do a good job, do not rush to the original space program to delete, keep the site data of the old version of the program, to prevent new problems can continue to use. The new program with other website domain name debugging, determine the correct after the original domain name to the new program space.

website, the website builder and web application developers is a very troublesome thing, the change is not good, can make your site included reducing, keywords ranking drop, while in the optimization before you all come to nothing, ranking plummeted. How can the site to minimize the loss? Website is the need to pay attention to what the problem? Now pet search engine specifically explain; I hope to do a website revision or will the website Webmaster Help

6. in the website after the revision, should submit a site map to search engine, re compile the robots.txt file, so that search engine spiders can continue to crawl on the site.


2. new "reincluding to delete the old", and set the 301 permanent redirect page, tell the search engines at this page is no longer used, and it will be a permanent point to replace it page. Then, the old page before the link span and the PR value will gradually shift to a new page.

5. after the website keywords ranking fluctuations can hardly be avoided, do not see keywords ranking drop and then change, this will make the search engine to your site into the sandbox, should wait for it.

4. general revision, the search engine must be re investigated on the site, the chain has the original failure doesn’t work, therefore, must be to add some weight high, snapshot new chain, let the search engine spiders have a channel to access your site, increase the spider visits your site the frequency of.

website is almost the only way which must be passed each website development, after all, in the era of change, the browsing experience on the site are also changing, appreciate the ability of the website is constantly improved, need the original web application is no longer suitable for website development, a variety of problems continue to emerge, the revision work site urgent.

most of the owners think, after the website, the website the original ranking is all right, everything starts from scratch; in fact not, as long as the revision.

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