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The example of how domestic SMO to join the Shanghai dragon strategy

two: elong sub brands: elong established its sub brand microwave series, classified by different types of services to customize micro-blog, such as hotel reservations, eLong, eLong, group purchase guide. I think this separate service is very clever, because the user can easily find the content they want.

: elong fans: elong has a massive fan, 1 million 50 thousand in Sina microwave, Ctrip (other than the famous travel network) more than 600 thousand a lot. Elong micro-blog started relatively early, rapid development, with the result of elong can attract customers and establish the credibility of the early.

Shanghai dragon mean social media optimization (Social Media Optimization), the digital marketing is a very new concept. Rohit vice president of public relations and interactive marketing Bhargava international famous advertising agency created in 2006 by the blog. The main spirit of SMO is related closely to the social media platform through the use of your valuable content will be converted to the guests or visitors to these for you free "sound", and then drive targeted traffic to your website more. When the concept of SMO out of the domestic SNS and micro-blog did not like now so popular. Let’s take a look on the domestic social media scene depicted below.

from the above picture, we can get the information is:

in the past year, eLong’s performance is amazing. In the third quarter, net profit of elong 9 million 400 thousand yuan, compared with an increase of 683% last year. As an ordinary user, I also feel the increasing popularity of elong. The increase in profit of course cannot do without the effective network marketing. SMO as part of the network marketing strategy of art dragon, micro-blog has the most direct expression of SMO.


contrast to foreign social media, domestic social media may be relatively simple and single. However, the domestic social media have their own unique culture. At present, the domestic social media presents a picture of prosperity, and not what the portal site in every part of the dominant. But there are some portals very prominent in some part. Such as Sina, Sina has a wide range of business, but the best part is the blog, micro-blog and quiz platform. In every field, the competition is always high, often only one or two websites can become a leader in this field. There is a popular saying, "a huge market has a huge opportunity". Now many companies have attracted the attention of SMO in this area, to increase sales, the author today is a well-known art dragon travel network as an example, analysis of how SMO will join the Shanghai dragon strategy.


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