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Talking about the strategy of the construction of the chain in the work principle

is not hard to imagine that.

This is the

webmaster don’t love the chain, but you have to admit that the chain is the key factor to influence and even determine the ranking, so the webmaster can only "involuntarily" to do some things do not love. After all, everyone is to mix to eat well, don’t pity myself what.


today to talk about the strategic principles of the construction of the chain, something is more macro. The so-called strategic direction, on behalf of you in the chain construction process should grasp, to strategist". To identify the direction, to take detailed tactics to operate, absolutely is much better than aimless rampage.

to continue to use the above a commonplace talk of an old scholar, "said the vote" explained: voters with different status are different, some position is higher, some lower. Like people, your boss say nature than you said to be useful. High weight website links, naturally much better than low weight.

three, the chain wide source of

, a chain of

we all know, the chain is actually a website voting mechanism. Each links pointing to your site is one vote, but between the ticket and the ticket is not completely equal: your website is about music, and there are two links from another music website and a game station, the link is from the music website to look more "professional", the vote for the search engines are more persuasive.

if your site with another site has 100 chain, then you can think of these two sites have been 100 votes. But your site 100 tickets from a voter, and 100 tickets to another website are from 100 different voters. This is equivalent to a person, say "your website is very good" said 100 times, while another site is 100 people, everyone said "this site is good, believe that among the two gap is much easier to understand.

two, the chain weight

so, the chain more from your website and highly relevant to the site, you can look at the site belongs in the field of more "professional" — because colleagues will give you a link, that is to say, people give you voted, the search engine that behoove to your website. In this industry authority.

a long time, high weight website to your links than a new link to more useful. This is also very good understanding, if all the website links derived as well, so you only need to do Shanghai Longfeng constantly build new station to do link to the search engine, obviously can not be two to this extent.

Although the

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