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The site is down right to restore the most effective way

love Shanghai very sensitive to the title website headlines, once the modified keyword title after, is equivalent to let search engine to review, to know you. So, we must every day to keep the original content to update the site, the best is just around the keywords to write the original content, so it can get to know and love your site love Shanghai search engine on your site, there is certain to publish regularly, you can set a time for release a habit. This is not how long can the fastest way to cross the search engine to the site assessment period.

high quality of the chain is very important, it can effectively improve the weights, to restore the site. It is recommended that you can go to some high quality BBS, blog released some of the chain, of course, the best way is soft, this additional chain is the most easy for users and some sites, the administrator of the forum to accept, and there are many webmaster reproduced, can be said to be the province time and effort. The purpose of doing so is to attract the spider to my site, and the chain is proof of other sites to our site a trust, is very big to the ranking of users, so dear webmaster must do the work every day.

not to cheap just buy black chain, black chain is often the temptation of every webmaster, is also head of the most harm. Everyone from the black chain, black chain.

today just write so much, I hope to help you, every day I will give some experience, you can read my blog on the Shanghai dragon > www.chaoshan

The harm of

outside the chain of 2. high quality

believe that every webmaster faced love Shanghai right down, these are due to the website or by modifying the title title K Links lead. Love Shanghai algorithm every day in the unceasing change, as a webmaster we have to learn to find. Drop right is only temporary, it is important that you should make your website how to restore the weight. Talk about my personal experience now:

to guarantee the quality of website content

4. black chain


3. exchange of high quality friendship connection

Links is a very important link, if you follow some is right down the site connection, you may also be loved in Shanghai that is also drop right. So if we find a high quality site to do the chain of words, so want to quickly restore the weight that can say more simple. The webmaster all know that station group, it is the principle of multiple site links to a site for weight sharing, so we can find some high quality site and our site do a friendship, if you have money and capital can also buy some weight high site links, that the effect is more good, because it is a one-way connection. Also, we should remember is that once more but to buy, so love Shanghai would be considered cheating.

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