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Website optimization Shanghai dragon Er to understand the relationship between search engine and use

we know that we say is webmaster website optimization services for users in fact is essentially around the purpose of search engine is to provide users the most in need of the content, in the process, owners must have a clear understanding of the profound, the relationship between the search engine and users, the author believes that the following aspects are we should pay more attention to the.

third, as a webmaster we should do what thing? Stationmaster undertakes the operation process of the entire site, we must in every detail to do seriously grasp on the web, we need to focus on the user search terms, through their own site to related words, a column of channel or the content page to carry out the design or layout, make your site into.

second, analysis process of search engines to find information. The search engine itself has its own mature algorithm system, all of us can make nothing of it but we can analyze, this search process through the principle of search engine and search results, including the basic principle of the search engines for information on the Internet, for effective information to eliminate dryness, a series of algorithms for the final is the information indexing, through the web content analysis algorithm to combine their own judgment from high to low a web page ranking. This process, what can we do? I just illustrated, such as users to search the " bottle; " the word, according to common sense we may think that users want to buy a bottle, but not necessarily, the user may understand the type, price, bottle bottle bottle manufacturer and a series of problems, some users are thinking simple search is the bottle itself really want to know is the bottle which brand is good, the potential value as a webmaster we have to mining user search information, understand these in our website or the promotion process of transposition thinking, this kind of idea, multi angle to meet user then your purpose and the value of the search engine is maintained in a relatively consistent level, you recommended information is very likely to be search engine promotion in a prominent position The.

first, the purpose and significance of the existing search engine. The Internet can be said to be a melting pot of information. In the big melting pot of many users want through the Internet to find what they need, but we do not know what to look for information there, this time on the need to use a search engine to help us, intuitively, we come to a strange city will inevitably lead to blindness road " ", the police or the best wizard we can ask the sanitation workers, and on the Internet search engine just as this role. For access to the information they want both knowledge and video or news search engine will be possible for us to provide professional answer, including website, quiz, video etc. may we didn’t expect the details of the search engine, as we show, this is the value and significance of the search engine, the shortest time to help users find their most valuable information.

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