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Yang Kaihua website of Shanghai dragon original article manipulation big secret

VIP channel 4. website. Because there is a lot of training sites are set to the VIP forum, related to encryption.


3. We all know that Taobao search engine spider shield, the search engine Taobao and all involved have not included. So Taobao forum, Taobao customer forum and a series of articles from Taobao where are your best place to look for the original article, but in preparation for the acquisition, as before, to compare in the search engine, to see whether the original

The Taobao

as an amateur or occupation of Shanghai dragon Er, all know that content is king, the chain for the emperor of the truth. Of course, this paper mainly discusses the contents of the king. So the quality of the website, it is the original good, largely determines your site keywords ranking rising speed.


2.QQ space. Due to the existence of a large number of QQ space JS, animation and other search engine spiders are not love things, so the collection range. Through to the search, the search and the site theme related articles, take a section from Shanghai, in search of love, if not, then congratulations, this article you can use it every day, met the update and their site theme is related to space, how to operate, I do not say oh, you know.


1. do it yourself, have ample food and clothing. For a novice Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, this in itself is also a good learning opportunity in learning at the same time, his own experience unfolds through the form, is the best of the original, this is the best way to improve the weights of the site. Other industry website is the same, although some industry is not good to write original articles, but you from the history of the industry, a detailed background of the starting to write, is not much easier.

first we need to understand the search engine database to determine whether the article for the original algorithm. The search engine is not smart, what is it not like the reader that can read this article to speak, practice can only be put to the content of the page contains a random crawl, and compared from the database page has been included in the database, to see whether there has been a large number of containing the contents of the page, if little long or not, it was judged as the original article, it included, otherwise not included, so much as long as you do not exist to the network, a lot of single page station due to hide the article page more new section, in the absence of the consideration of user experience at the same time, a large number of their own no read fluent garbage article, become the website promotion weight of magic, of course this is a very important premise is the website’s theme, you don’t Get a lot of Shanghai Longfeng class experience of a mechanical type site, the web site of the weight lifting effect is extremely small. The Yang Kaihua to share network at present some general original article operating practices, we hope to inspire

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