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Why executive force is the key of success of Shanghai Dragon

webmaster know, outside the chain of high quality to the decisive role of the web site keywords ranking, the chain construction and other functions, is the brand extension effect, without any link to the propaganda effect on the website, is also a good form of the chain.


everyone Shanghai dragon may have their own different ideas, but in practice, due to the search engine algorithm, has not realized. But if their own ideas and not the search engine algorithm in conflict, so why not practice and sometimes such?. As long as we insist, spring is not far away, it can form a Shanghai dragon system, then you are a qualified Shanghai dragon.


is an effective period of slow toil, why? Because the content of the website, the chain is the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng, done a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people, may to the 2 sniff at Shanghai Longfeng not so said. Shanghai dragon does not, however, this is the basis of a website, no support in these two areas, you may be the next Shanghai dragon operation is difficult to carry out the work.

understand the importance of these two aspects, to the hand, adhere to the operation, do not expect he is the only one of the lucky ones, a new web site, we can’t wait to love Shanghai included, waiting to love Shanghai weight rise, this is not waiting, you need to actively strive for. To dig these two things, for example: the content model, data analysis, site structure, chain weight transfer.

continuously, from these data oriented, adhere to carry out, your site will be a successful web site.

this process is long, a lot of people walked in the chain level did not get to the bottom, no hate hate, but to what Shanghai dragon cheats, led to their own into the Shanghai dragon dead end, many people just give up his career in Shanghai dragon.


is the most powerful to implement key

The construction of the chain Deep study of

content of the construction of

site keywords layout, internal chain system, completes the site navigation. The following is to do content construction and promotion outside the station two block.

content of the construction is good, directly affect the experience of your user on the site, high quality content of great help for users, browsing your website directly determine the amount, residence time, bounce rate, so part of the core content of construction site.

many people are thinking of ways to rank Shanghai Longfeng what love Shanghai is how to calculate the ranking, Shanghai dragon what to do to be successful, to make money? When you are in a tangle of these waste a lot of time, whether to ignore the nature of execution is the key to the success of the Shanghai Dragon

? After the

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