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The seven principles of standard site should meet the love love Shanghai

website construction is the first step to do the work of Shanghai dragon. The main work of Shanghai dragon is actually two aspects, one is the station optimization, one is standing outside the promotion. Do these two points, can truly realize the high degree of user experience, search engine friendly target, then I believe your site can also obtain a very good stable rank. Today, with about in the station optimization we should do.

; standard;

3, the web page code: the content on the page is to the user, so it is called the user experience. Love is to see the Shanghai Spider code, so there is the concept of "friendly" to the search engine, the search engine friendly, is our web page code to comply with the three principles of clear and concise and orderly. Users see "beautiful love the same site, spider crawling love simple and orderly code, so the closure principle of typesetting, HTML5 tags as long as do station code, I believe you will love the web spider.

2, the content of the website: advise you from the post of network marketing personnel, to rank well, adhere to the original truth. The content of the website even if there is little, but as long as more than 95% of the original, and the user experience is not bad, then you wait for the ranking promotion.

1, according to the

Keywords: to use keyword tags, Keywords tag, should the current page most frequently used words, keywords for a web page Keywords tag which is used throughout your website ranking, we must carefully choose nuclear

the Description Description Tag: this tag is overall to your current page >


server: love Shanghai official said if your site open time in more than 8S, the user has been impossible to go, for the love of Shanghai does not want to spend too much time on your site. So the webmaster should take the cost of buying a stable space.

4, Html Tags:

H1 and title H1 in the theme label: the role of HTML is the same, but the title is on the entire web page summary, H1 is the summary, the weight of H1 are second only to title. So for H1, H2 and other labels in the station must make good use of

Title "Tags: believe in contact with Shanghai Longfeng people know that Google’s PageRank," the Title tag tag has great influence in Shanghai, love is no exception. As the saying goes, the title of the party is so appealing is because the title sparked the curiosity of the user. For the love of spiders in Shanghai, title is the highly generalization of web content, represent the core of the entire page, the spider will take this to your site to crawl, so the title label represents the content of this page is a spider judgment consistent with the theme of the

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