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The station optimization can not be ignored under an optimized outlet

According to the

first, the content will be ranked according to their importance. We know that the optimal link in content, more is to the original and high quality, but for the order of importance was given often ignored, or think it is not important. To know the current content optimization itself is not easy, the key is to a large number of high quality original content, for the enterprise website is actually more difficult. So many people don’t pay attention to the content of optimizing the order of importance. But in fact if it is sorted, can effectively enhance the user experience, to help users quickly locate the needs of the content, but also to let the love of spiders in Shanghai quickly find the original content of the latest. So the importance in the station optimization is very important.

third, as far as possible to reduce the sample text. The sample text usually refers to the website home page contains text, such as a web site navigation text, caption and text of the script, in addition there is contact way and single page information etc.. If these words too much, will let love Shanghai that there are a lot of topics, leading to the site that are suspected of cheating, so one should as far as possible to reduce the use of the sample text, on the other hand also need to sample text design and landscaping, so that users can see through the sample text style website thus, to help users improve website >

algorithm improved the trajectory of love Shanghai, love Shanghai search engine for the final purpose is to let the love Shanghai recommend the site more in line with the needs of the user experience, that is to say the ultimate aim is to provide good support for users, it is in this algorithm innovation as the goal, so many optimization staff believe that the next an optimized outlet timely station optimization, enhance the quality of the station only, in order to get the advantage in the fierce competition environment. Several means so here to talk about the current station optimization.

second, strengthen the optimization of the chain. The chain for the website as a road network arranged in a crisscross pattern within the chain, if not smooth, then the love of spiders in Shanghai and the user is difficult to reach the designated position. If there is a dead end, then the user will not open web pages related to this website for the credibility of which could have a negative impact. It needs to improve the internal chain optimization through the construction of 404 pages, on the other hand also needs to be within the chain link carries on the reasonable design, the same type of content through the extended reading to build, in addition to the internal chain all need not all point to the home page, column page can point to some, some can point to the home page, according to the degree of importance, so it can reflect the randomness and regularity of the content, help to improve the internal chain optimization effect.

in the chain is king of the times, the core content of the website on the optimization of the optimization of the chain, the chain spend a lot of time every day release of sorts, even through the station way to enhance the site weight and ranking. But with the love of the Shanghai algorithm increasingly high degree of intelligence, improve the optimization plus algorithm, optimization model based on the traditional outside chain has been difficult to achieve the essence of the site to enhance the quality of.

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