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Discussion on how to optimize the site navigation

site navigation

site navigation is not in fact a very determined function or method, but a term, I think that can browse the site product or service information to the user, and all forms in the process not to lose, in found that the problem can be found in time online help are part of the site navigation system.

Keywords >

, the text is very friendly to search engines, and open the speed is also fast, regardless of the user or search engine is advantageous, as for some of the other flash and JS try to avoid the use of.

in the middle of the country regardless of the product or service, customers pay attention to the goods more than three customers, this is particularly critical, so even if you put the user into the web site, they may not buy the product or service directly, often through continuous browsing, evaluation and consultation after the business is possible. While browsing in the customer site navigation evaluation and consultation process guidance is very important.

navigation settings, select general keywords long tail word navigation target keywords, but also to ensure that certain amount of search, navigation and target keywords keywords to avoid conflict of the home page, and don’t navigation containing keywords between relations.

search volume keywords location decision, anchor text navigation set keywords are valuable to, from left to right, the importance of decreasing trend set, in addition to avoid some with no effect of columns, such as company introduction, company news, etc..

Set the text links for navigation What is the

navigation settings, set the sub navigation for site optimization, especially for some large sites, sub navigation settings reduce the number of site level, is conducive to the website.

site navigation optimization points

navigation station to call JS, a lot of Taobao off site navigation is called product page, in this case, in order to avoid the transfer of website weight or love Shanghai banned dangerous, I recommend using JS call.

should not change the site navigation, many enterprises have set up the website navigation problem, many sections are not practical, stands an important position and did not play its due role, but do not change the site navigation, to remedy the situation as far as possible with the side or bottom navigation navigation.

breadcrumb navigation settings, strictly speaking crumbs also belong to the category of web navigation, breadcrumb navigation is not only conducive to enhance the user experience, but also contribute to the ranking.

as an important factor in the deal, site navigation and reasonable setting is very important, so we how to set up a website navigation? I recommend all optimization settings to the needs of users (how I can quickly find I want specific products and services) as the core of.

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