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Even a few big taboo in Shanghai dragon do not know still dare to say he is Shanghai dragon er

Figure 1

from the PS synthesis of

not all websites with beautiful, according to your website, the types of products to choose, the main moment to highlight your website, not very beautiful, but must be unique.

social media can also enhance your search ranking. Whether it is.

5, don’t ignore the PC end of

7, not too fancy

4, don’t ignore the user

2, do not take the black hat

most of the time we are in Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon optimization optimization, it is extremely irresponsible, the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng operation Shanghai Longfeng correct method, optimized scientific, can really play the role of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. In fact, Shanghai dragon also has some taboos, we look together:

from PS

you need to ensure that the function and content of the site is complete, especially the integrity of the home page is more important, which is still under construction do not begin to do promotion, when consumers see such a complete website, will greatly increase the degree of rejection.

all use cheating or suspicious means, can be called the black hat Shanghai dragon. In the search engine the most taboo is that black hat techniques, this is caused by the deception of the search engine, possible transient will bring a lot of traffic, once discovered, your site will all be K off, so do not be opportunistic

1, More haste, less speed.

PC and the mobile terminal is all we need to pay attention to, especially the PC end often two or three line navigation, it is impossible to look at the mobile terminal, so we focus on the PC side of beauty at the same time it is to be expected to end mobile users.


Shanghai dragon is not only a short duration of time, Shanghai dragon must have a good mentality, especially for new sites, must be prepared to fight a protracted war.

3, do not deliberately promote

a lot of people think that the link must be better, not in fact, the search engine is link to the quality.



Figure 2

8, social media can not ignore

do not spam links



has a search box where they cannot do without Shanghai Longfeng, on any website, Shanghai dragon is a very key. As long as the optimization is proper, can bring great benefits to the enterprises and individuals.

your users in online search keywords what these drugs firmly grasp and authority so as to establish the relevance of the website. Put the user first, followed by the search engine, users want to want to.

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