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How to collect and select keywords Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan

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want to for a long-term investment effort to optimize the site selection of key words should be strict. The general mode of "comprehensive, focused on fish": first through different channels and method of collection. Collect as much as possible to cover the user’s search habits, to avoid missing; then according to the correlation degree, the degree of competition and popularity to be screened. Below to share operation method.

1, correlation: how big the relevant words and our website and our business


> 2.


as the saying goes, a good beginning is half of success. Keywords the selection work can be described as an important part of Shanghai dragon. If our website at the outset choose keywords, then the promotion will be more effective, to achieve the ideal effect in the short term.

decided whether a keyword is selected, is mainly three aspects: correlation search volume and the degree of competition.

2, a reference a competitor’s site selection — especially keyword ranking website, must focus on the analysis. Open competition site, right click on a blank section, click on the "view page source code". Research on competitors web page keyword layout, for we have a very good reference value.



correlation degree is higher, the greater the value. For example, a women’s website, dresses, blouses, dresses, skirts are all related keywords it, but it is not the right word for men. I usually put in accordance with the related degree from low to high, divided into five levels of

collection tools. Keywords collection tools commonly used are: love, love Shanghai Shanghai index promotion account in the keyword planner, webmaster tools in keyword mining. You can search the Internet to their usage. In addition, an important reference function recommended search engine comes can be seen as a collection of keywords. Related search automatically drop-down box, like Shanghai "the bottom"".

Lenovo, according to the expansion of the 1 core words. Methods: according to the visual impression, or personal experience, before and after the core word plus brand, region, industry, and other characteristics of modifiers. Such as the core product is a mobile phone set, then the modifier can be added as follows: according to the apple brand mobile phone sets, mobile phone sets, Iphone Samsung mobile phone set… According to the Shenzhen Guangdong area: mobile phone sets, mobile phone sets, mobile phone manufacturers set manufacturers in Dongguan… According to the material: rubber or style of mobile phone sets, mobile phone sets, mobile phone sets and matte leather, women’s mobile phone set… According to the characteristics of the product: wear cheap mobile phone sets, mobile phone sets, mobile phone sets and other high-end. According to the visual impression of ordinary people think of the word often meet the search habits, so a large amount of search. But it is also easy to miss some important words: don’t worry, behind the other method would make up for the missing words.



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