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Liu Shanghai dragon website optimization need humility

for web site optimization of the control time, different website optimization on time is different, some time, some time, this.

For example,

sales staff, if no sales, but did not Commission, and they don’t have to worry about optimization compared to the new changes will appear on the market today, the optimization is not, should always pay attention to the change of the search engine, but also pay attention to the industry changes, such as the black chain, such as the station group, for example planting trojan…… In the optimization of the industry, experience is not enough, more important is the determination and execution; for example, all day to work overtime, is very tired, but the optimization compared to their tired or see, in order to optimize the optimization of the site as an example, for the low weight website, released the chain after using domain to find out how much, but the article is often site out 7-15 days or longer, website optimization achievement often has the effect of delay, which we see today website optimization ranking is often more than 3 days or more.

website optimization no combat experience, even if only participated in the training, experience is limited, in the website optimization process, the optimization of a blog get good rankings, optimization of an industry website has a good ranking optimization, a portal to get good rankings, these are not most important, important is that your experience in optimizing these website optimization in the process of accumulation of data, even if the same site, the same operating practices, but the optimal starting time is different, the result is often different, we know that at the end of the month, love Shanghai search engine will have a big update, every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Shanghai also has a small range of love, which is why the new website, some can be included within a day, while others need to 3-4 Days or even longer.

for most industries and companies, their understanding of the site optimization is not very deep, but it is not clear the site optimization rules, so the threshold is very low, this creates a group of people blindly into the market will appear so the website optimization, a lot of people have been in some forum such as why my website the snapshot is not updated, why my key lost, why my site was K and so on some website optimization problems encountered in the early, the answers to these questions are very simple to say, because the real to do their own site optimization master station to make money, they have no more time to answer you said that the basic problems encountered.

Most of the

in the website optimization process, often encounter the envy of me, think site optimization work easily, remember the sales staff told me: "do the optimization is good, stable wages, which we like, once there is no sales, struggling in poverty." Also remember to do code staff said to me: "do the optimization is good, we do see the code, all day to work overtime, tired." I have to smile in response, do optimization is not bitter, they can understand.

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