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A5 marketing how to make a user and search engine love website

external connection anchor text, link the content of the page, these are the relationship of the target web site content, and the correlation is the most easy to control the optimization of personnel, but also the most prone to cheating, suggest to read this article when carefully to see whether their the site problem in this part of the website according to the above, the author knows there are problems and so on.

love Shanghai given the quality of the website system, with ability by optimizing personnel is difficult to make the four quality system, so A5 marketing that either now or in the future, as a webmaster you want website by the user and search engine ranking in Shanghai and love love home even before three, first of all to the site’s relevance, authoritative and practical to do it, and the three is the premise of love Shanghai quality system, quality system must want to do to this three kind of good. Then, from the current situation can be seen, many of the traditional enterprise website, tourism, real estate, education, talent, B2B, B2C and other sites are lack of the above problems, so the site is down right, no optimization effect. Therefore, A5 suggested that the marketing relevance, authoritative and practical to do, and then let the user and search engines love your website below and the webmaster exchange.

The correlation between

is the first, the relevance of site content. The correlation for the website content, the user is actually search keywords and web content, and whether there is a correlation, but the correlation is currently one of the most important site optimization, a lot of love and do optimization optimization personnel will bring unrelated websites. To specifically correlation website, want to strengthen the relevance of the website can be optimized by optimization or a small part of the link to the page, including page keywords, keywords, the location of the deployment on the construction of internal links, the page title and through semantic analysis between these content correlation station.

then, is authoritative website and web pages. The authoritative website and web pages, most of them are determined by external links, the more the chain of high quality, the higher authority of the website and the page itself "

in Shanghai dragon in this industry, the vast majority of people are in detail to do the optimization, such as chain optimization, content optimization, chain optimization, optimization of these details are the first consideration, but the details for beginners to know to optimize the site from where the hand, so the details are it is important to optimize the staff, but only to see the details is not the site optimization, so from the point of view of global. At present, love Shanghai also released a website quality system, website quality, page quality, resource quality and the quality of content, if a site to the four quality system are done, then this site will become a user and search engine love website.

, website content


, the authority of the two web sites and the

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