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Depth analysis of three key points of quality white paper love Shanghai

love Shanghai search engines consider web content quality dimension is very much, the most important is: cost; content integrity; information true and effective and safe. According to the white paper mentioned in the following three points this detailed analysis.

second, meaning the two key factors of the quality of the content of content complete. We continue to look at the concept of love, Shanghai search engine that good quality ", spent more time and energy devoted editor, the editor’s experience and professional knowledge; the content is clear and complete and rich resources; effective and quality; the letter.

first, conceptual analysis of key factors of content quality cost. We first look at the definition and quality of web content, web page is the main content of the value, is the prerequisite to meet user requirements. Love Shanghai search engine evaluation web content quality mainly depends on the main contents of the quality, and whether the main content can make the customer satisfied. This fundamentally shows that optimization of love has been gradually from simple article update sea, released the chain transfer to the quality level of the content. Said the quality of content, we have to mention the love of Shanghai on the content quality three key definitions, first we look at the concept of cost, the cost is what? The author thinks that the cost is the webmaster in the production process of content takes time and energy and investment evaluation for the web site. For example, the cost of the pseudo original content acquisition content of the cost must be lower than the pseudo original content must be lower than the original high quality content of high quality, this is just a simple analysis of the cost, actually the meaning of cost is far more than these, we from the macroscopic analysis, website content quality and is not only the text, such as video these are pictures of material, material of the update cost, compared to video occupies large space and spend more time and energy, obvious cost increases, we do a heavy cost here to order, you will find the video production cost > picture production cost > text editor the cost of. We can get inspiration from what the cost of this concept points? The author thinks that in our own web site to spend great effort for users to consider, rather than just publish articles on the server bandwidth to meet the conditions of high-quality video and elaborate pictures bring value is much higher than the dull words. At the cost of the author to remind you that for some of the best without a user needs to impose the costs for the user, otherwise don’t need what love Shanghai will be considered cheating.

as everyone knows, love Shanghai recently released a white paper on the quality of web content, in the booklet, love Shanghai recently for details and points of the website optimization as a webmaster we have visible before the eyes, careful study and read this very valuable document, but the details of the main points of which covers very much, the content of quality problems today we are very concerned about the people and the detailed analysis, here love Shanghai mentioned three key points of the construction of good quality content, and we continued into the theme of short gossip.

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