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Good planning who let oneself no longer is Shanghai dragon wanderer

own Shanghai Dragon 3 years, around more and more friends to join the team, as part of the website promotion is essential, Shanghai dragon industry attracts more and more attention. Look at the side of a friend on a Shanghai dragon began to make a living, could not help feeling the Internet is indeed a common dream. Of course, most of what things have to have a plan, no plan to do Shanghai dragon, both for the customer, or for themselves are not responsible attitude, a friend is like a side, a few days ago to give up a part-time job as a Shanghai dragon, the reason is very simple, just because you can not find the direction in this industry, always I feel very passive. In fact, everyone must do things that will make you plan to start things planned, regularly, so I should have the Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning? ADO, directly into the topic.

1 by Shanghai dragon do poineering foundation support. We do not think that Shanghai Longfeng practitioners can only engage in website optimization, in fact, everything is the same, since you will do Shanghai dragon website optimization, then you will have the ability to involve electricity industry, because the present situation, many B2C mall have begun to get involved in the site optimization industry, because the China business is highly competitive, for some of the main single brand or brand mall, keywords is concentrated, can be very good for keywords by filling content of Shanghai dragon, and in the same financial support under a single brand or brand mall development than comprehensive market fast, so Shanghai dragon can play a big role.

2 do the related work of Shanghai dragon. This is the most widely employed now, although compared to amateur orders, such as fixed time and can not be arbitrary, but the income is relatively fixed, but also rely on the company to know a lot of people in this industry, is very good for the future development, after all, to small companies also have their own planning and operation methods, from here we can learn after entrepreneurial skills. The current state is such.


understand the basic market channel of Shanghai Longfeng, well ahead of

3 amateur orders do optimization. Do the work of the Shanghai dragon is divided into two kinds, one is the qualifications deep Shanghai dragon, the other is a novice. Novice why in this way we profit, not to mention. Only said veteran why to do so, because this time is free, and can be appropriate to enhance and consolidate their Shanghai Longfeng ability, but must reach a certain experience to do so, after all, no steel drill will not embrace porcelain live.

since you are doing Shanghai Longfeng, so it is necessary to know the specific direction of the industry, it is relying on what channels to earn money, for now, general practitioners of Shanghai Longfeng profit three.

to profit channel for the future development point, consider the employment direction of their

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