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A5 marketing the analysis of Log log can view the site conditions and Solutions

first check whether the article was published, the search engine grab, if the basic page doesn’t crawl, how about it? If you find articles not included, the first step can use webmaster tools, simulation spiders crawl, check whether the content can be simulated successfully grab, recommended: the home station, more the second step, if accurate! Check the analog success, showing the page information, then optimization problems; if the simulation is not successful, then find the problem from the program, before A5 marketing has faced such customers, the website can be opened normally, but the use of spider simulation, but does not show any as a result, information, and how will the spider climb?

crawl page

and the 304 status code, a website by the number of search engines and the frequency of more then he is more conducive to the rankings, but if your site appears too much 304, then will reduce the search engine crawl frequency and number of times to make their sites ranked than others fall one step

even a construction site for a long time, before the ranking has been very good, even if what we didn’t do all possible because of the new rules of search engine, and find some new problems; for this, we suggest that the first check, web spider visit status code, in addition to the 200, 301 of these, the other is dangerous for example:

Why didn’t Every day I love Shanghai

404 represents the site now some entrance pages, but "disappear" problem, if handled properly, the continuous emergence of a large number of 404, it will lead to the site to drop right


recently suddenly drop right? If it is not a sensitive operation, such as the purchase of the chain, the website, you should pay attention to the following problems;



there are some website, every day a large number of updates, but not included, this way: do more efforts, what is the value? A5 marketing has had such a customer case, arrange the daily editing hundreds of articles editor, but it is not obvious that included! When the Log log will become a little helper

1, website status code



What kind of problem . The

above is only a little A5 to do marketing examples >



website ranking? Don’t complain about search engine frequent updates, good at finding problems, find out and solve the problems, the website can usher in a higher ranking! A5 marketing today will brief public popularity of it, how to use the Log log to maintain good website ranking! Your site is sick, and unable to start don’t put the check? Called a "log" service log, maybe there will be a new discovery.

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