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5 website optimization based website understanding

, what type of website? What can I do for the user? Is the first one to think, choose a web site optimization is the focus of the industry, for example, do you want to know the group purchase group purchase net, net number of sites, in Chinese do do local site navigation, and how much is it? If you do portal website, our own advantages, how to compete with large online portals? When you choose a good industry, your site will have a prototype. In the industry website, what services are provided with this kind of service is not available on the site, there are several websites? These are the necessary work site before optimization, so as to understand the opponent site, also can give your site an accurate positioning, in the promotion, there is a right seat.

website users, understand website user groups, plays a positive role in website optimization. If your site



provides services for users, do special website, website optimization more smoothly. It says on the website positioning, the positioning of the site is their own areas of expertise, of course there are some resources, make use of these resources, promote and optimize the website, will not be in trouble. From thousands of websites, to make a website suitable for users, it is not easy to do, with a targeted website, more conducive to the optimization work, your site for example: make a home site for friends, the user experience is the kitchen decoration, so that you can locate the decoration of the kitchen. What are the characteristics of it, are divided into different to the kitchen, according to different standards for women, different types of kitchen decoration, the characteristics of the service, users can get a satisfactory answer.

website user experience In website


user group

when you locate your site at the same time, to the website operation, website operators, a background is a receptionist, front desk is the face of the user, the background is the support website or personal support. If it is a 50 person company, then you can choose to buy the product or the service type of the site, you can operate the site. If you want to develop better, so as to recruit people. General web site operators are caught site traffic, after reaching certain traffic began advertising money. Website optimization is the foundation work, with the site operation is proportional to the operating staff of the team, can be optimized.

website industry positioningFirst of all we do


, tell us a truth, in the fierce competition today, the website to survive, we must first understand yourself, and then know your opponent’s website, in order to survive. When you know yourself and know your opponent, then moves back as long as the win, because you already have all the resources. This is the website optimization work, as long as the first to understand their own website to optimize the user experience better and better. I understand the site from 5 aspects:

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