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As head of the useless chain are you doing

third: nofollow

outside chain label

believes that many webmaster with the author know that JS code is not favored by a search engine, but there are many webmaster do not understand why such a link is not good, in fact, for such links, we do not let go of the click, it will not show our web site, but will appear in the lower left corner of the page javascript:void (0) such a character, and then we can view the source code analysis can be found in a JS code with our web site, for this chain, in fact, is simply not an anchor text link, just improve the exposure rate of our site, as did a little bit of weight to our website. So for the chain of this type, we can not say no, but try to reduce.

: the first hyperlink

jumpWe all know that

second: the chain of

from the Shanghai encyclopedia love we can see that "nofollow" is an attribute of the HTML tag value. This tag is to tell the meaning of search engine " do not follow the links on this page " or " don’t keep track of the specific link. So when we do Links >

often see some of this kind of article in the webmaster online, especially for the chain this article is more special, many methods do the quality of the chain also excavated from, certainly there are many webmaster found from misleading article among the chain useless, but today I will make a for these brief summary, I hope to help some webmaster.

for our common, some useless chain often do, the author roughly aggregated into five forms to introduce to you.

chain containing JS code form

Q & a chain effect type is very good, especially the love of Shanghai know, as the site www.99i5贵族宝贝 before they often do, but with the love of Shanghai strict advertising ban, the chain of Shanghai know love has gone away from us, this time many owners will choose the weight slightly worse but included high SOSO ask this platform to do outside the chain, but today I want to say is the chain SOSO ask on our website weight also did not have a little help. Because the chain released on this platform are jump outside the chain, and direct access to our site, if you do it, you will find that when you click your anchor text in the web site, the lower left corner in front of your site will have SOSO network address, and we can see from the code, in the href address is SOSO behind the URL when the user clicks to after the jump to our site, for this chain can really bring users to us, but we can’t let the spider crawling through the site outside the chain, so it is impossible to share a drop weight.

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