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Google launched a free web site diagnosis activities

How to submit sites to Google

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these three steps are completed, send mail to: [email protected] noble baby贵族宝贝 to submit your website! Please note, if the site does not meet the above three requirements, Google will be regarded as invalid submission deadline is December 16th.

free website

Chinese webmaster blog published official reports, we are pleased to announce that we will hold an online website diagnosis activities, noble baby free to help you diagnose the website, Google will be submitted by the analysis of some specific user’s website, and gives some suggestions to improve our website, the diagnostic tour is for non-profit charity website.

Google official said: to be fair, public website this event, we only accept the non-profit application, but we believe that we will also put forward suggestions for improvement for most small and medium-sized website, if you work in the public website, your website also hope to improve the ranking performance in Google’s included, we welcome you to submit your site.

1, is a non-profit public web site must be.

In a filing with the diagnosis?


3, please confirm the content of the website and the links are in line with the Google webmaster guidelines, Google will serve as the analysis of the basic principle.

2, in order to determine your is website owners or managers, please verify your site in Google webmaster tools, you can click here to complete the verification.

Today, Google

website before, please make sure the site complies with the following:

is very simple, as long as you can apply Google email, web site address and email address indicated in the message, if you have special hope of improvement, can also be indicated in the mail, Google will be submitted according to the website, analyzes some web site problems, and gives some suggestions.

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