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Chen Qiangfeng a few points need to pay attention to the optimization of enterprise website TTLE ti

Title? In "head < head> several elements label, < title> is a priority among priorities. The search engine based on keyword search results, displayed in the title page, the search results page is the description of < < meta; name=" description" > "content=" in the content. Therefore "head in the search engine algorithm occupies an important position, is to determine the page weight, correlation between important starting point.

So how to set the Title Some sites may need

is the best? First determine the need to optimize the keywords, keywords can be determined according to the love of Shanghai index, and other methods to determine the relevant search keywords, choose keywords follow the three high and one low (high attention, high flow, high correlation and low competition) principle, there is no detailed describes. Add the corresponding Title keyword is a feature of enterprise website optimization. Home Title can refer to: the main keyword – auxiliary keywords – column name – channel name – the name of the company in order to do so. Such as: Hebei Yuantong pump industry limited company official website home page: Title (贵族宝贝hbytsb贵族宝贝) – desulfurization slurry pump pump – Hebei Yuantong pump industry limited company; Title page set can add the appropriate auxiliary keywords, long tail keywords. Such as: slurry pump prices – technology – Hebei Yuantong Pump Industry Co. ltd.. Title headings should avoid keyword stuffing, should be based on "correlation principle, which is based on a search engine algorithm to determine the correlation between.

edit the keywords, this time also need to pay special attention to. Because the Title changes caused by improper will fall right, even by the K! Title change also should follow the web user experience and correlation principle. It is best not to a substantial modification, should be gradual. To retain the title included relatively good keywords, from right to left, gradually replace the principle. Such as: < title> slurry pump – pump – pump – Hebei Pump Co., < /title> —-> —–< title> slurry pump – pump – desulfurization pump – Hebei Yuantong Pump Industry Co. Ltd. < /title> title> ——–< – 61664; slurry pump – desulfurization pump – Hebei Yuantong pump industry limited company < >

now is the era of e-commerce, enterprises to explore potential customers gradually become a new focus of marketing channel through the Internet mining enterprise SEM consciousness gradually! How to make the enterprise website have a good performance in the search engine, indispensable to use Shanghai Dragon technology! With all the other day about enterprise site do Shanghai Longfeng some points today about a details: Title title.

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