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A how to improve the relationship between Shanghai dragon and spider

2. spider spider Xixinyanjiu, previous income spiders would not go to income, so we need to write some high quality original articles. The spider crawling the page information, before the information is no longer a spider income to collect information, the spider will think the existing information is not necessary for income.

we have done for Shanghai dragon website optimization friends, and we are the spider is also inseparable, how to let the spider crawling our website frequently to take away our income information website web page. Some novice webmaster might ask how often come to our website to know whether the spider crawling, we can view the log log to see if frequently crawling our website, if not we must think about how to let the spider love on our website frequently to crawl information receiver. Not every spider we humans are so personal, because the spider is made like spiders have their rules as long as we grasp these rules we can attract spider spider to love on our website, the following will share with you our love let the spider web method:

5. if the site above is a picture or Flash is also not going to income because the spider spider does not recognize these things. So the key words to use words to express or spiders are unable to identify these information.

4. spider love rules, spider every day at the required time to crawl the web, so we need to update the site within the stipulated time. If you do not publish articles at the time, the spider in the time to crawl the web crawl to information, the spider will think that the site is not updated frequently, it will reduce the number of crawling. Every day to keep a good time to update the site is very important.

even the station optimization do better if you don’t know the spider site is also useless, so we have to think of a way to let the spider know this website, please come to our site spider. Where we go where many spiders please, usually those large weight of high standing spiders crawl in these stations frequently, we can also release some of the original high quality soft Wen added to our website links.

3. spider love directly, to write the Meta Tag website to promotion Keywords in the Description write high relevance description.

1. spider like static active, static web spider love dynamic structure safety, there may be the possibility of a relatively small income. The first spider crawling structure of our website and look at this site is safe, if there is a risk of structure of this site has been circulating that the spider spider is crawling inside circulation, will not come in, whether it is safe to identify web spider usually, first check whether the site is static, because the dynamic website is easy to generate dead cycle that the spider fell into the bottomless pit trap will never be unable to come out, so the spider like static website.

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