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Compared with the main effect of the long tail keywords keywords

after a year of hard work, our Lord keywords has finally come home third, perhaps for them it is not what the boss, to achieve the purpose of reach customers, but no obvious bursting…… For the needs of the enterprise, eventually came to customers is the most effective

, the main keywords:

I use an example to explain the advantages of Zhengzhou Kai is outsourcing marketing website. Our main tentative words of "network marketing outsourcing", I assume that our main customers at this stage in Zhengzhou, so I have the long tail word as "trusted network marketing outsourcing" "which Zhengzhou family network marketing outsourcing well done" through the picture, "network marketing outsourcing" is the keyword index. But the two is not included in the amount of long tail index, a difference of nearly about 8000000, there are six auction website. Just look at keyword analysis tool to the data is not accurate, but at least a little difficult to optimize the main keywords: far beyond long tail keywords.

from my previous company about


Analysis of

optimization process overview


assumes that the site every day there are 100 visitors

to achieve the purpose, the effect of

!Here we continue to demand the final

is the way we operate this main website, when the site took hung black chain, so the first thing I do is check for vulnerabilities, website, website system, etc. to complete this step has been a week, and then is the beginning of a variety of optimization hand as we all know, recovery the weights of the time waited for 3 months, after the main keyword has been in love in Shanghai 2, 3 pages around, until seventh months time, key words on the front page, began to wander in the first pages, page second, at the age of ninth months was finally stabilized in the love of Shanghai third name. I want to say the above process optimization, is to let everyone be able to master key is how to optimize up everyone’s understanding about the operating practices are not the same, so there is no fine, but one thing is common, the main difficulty is to optimize the keywords to be far higher Yu Changwei keywords.

through the "network marketing outsourcing" visit the website of 50, which, due to the special nature of the industry, in 50 there may be nearly 3>

Enterprises — money into the hands of

is responsible for this piece of electronic commerce in the company, due to the company’s environment, 80% of the company are from the website, so we team to start every day around the company’s products are optimized, key is the product of the company, the company gave us the assignment is the main keywords.

for the long tail keywords and the main difference between the keywords must I Needless to say, we all know the difference between them, I want to say today is the main keywords with long tail keywords in the actual process of optimization effect comparison.

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