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Discussion on the impact of e commerce on MarketingDon’t want to start a business failure Then don’t


– Jonathan, Wegener, Timehop, and ExitStrategy founder

some startups would think it would be expensive to hire someone with an accountant, finance, or other expertise, but don’t be afraid to invest in administrative resources early in the company.

decided to release

how to avoid making mistakes to failure? Mashable author Lauren Drell collected from the venture company founder, CEO and the views of investors, sorting out the 16 emerging startups are the most common mistakes. Entrepreneurs should always check whether they have made these mistakes. Learning from previous mistakes is the key to avoiding failure. Take a look at these 16 points:

e-commerce refers to the use of electronic means of business, trade and other activities, e-commerce activities, networking and digital. Its emergence and rapid development have a profound and important impact on marketing. Correct understanding of these impacts is of great significance for enterprises to adapt to the new environment, better market segmentation, and adopt advanced marketing methods and methods to meet consumer demand.

, a change of the marketing environment

1, the market has become a global market. The electronic commerce to carry through the network, because of the open nature of the network interconnection, time continuous strengthening, shortening the distance, so that economic activity more and more to get rid of national boundaries, so that the market is rapidly becoming the global market, which for enterprises to provide a broad market potential, while the globalization market requests a kind of fast globalization market by means of marketing, network marketing.

2, reduce market sales links. To complete the traditional enterprise sales through the intermediary layer upon layer, and electronic commerce can make enterprise directly to consumers through the network to deal directly. In this way, not only has the service been realized for 24 hours all day long, but also a great deal of intermediate links have been left out. Due to the reduction of intermediate links lead to reduce the cost of sales of the products, thereby reducing the final sales price, which is not only conducive to the Internet enterprises to expand sales, but also conducive to all these products or services as inputs of the industrial multistage rolling to reduce production costs, and ultimately also benefit consumers.

In 3,


1., don’t make things too complicated,

are you starting a business? If so, please understand the following statistics: between 2004 and 2010, 2000 startups with VC investment have 75% of the final failed fates.

don’t underestimate the importance of minimizing the availability of Design Minimum Viable. Preliminary appearance of products might be a little ugly, but never mind, as long as the product can enter the market as soon as possible, in order to understand the customer perception of your product.

There are many reasons for

‘s failure, perhaps because of product problems or lack of team running in. Let us listen to, 16 entrepreneurs summed up, entrepreneurs do not do 16 things.

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

developing products is like packing your bags, putting everything you need into a suitcase, and taking half of it away.

if no one is going to deal with these things, it will be "you" to deal with, and eventually you will put >

Until the end of 2.

3. is reluctant to hire

– Kathryn, Minshew, The, Muse, founder and CEO

, but don’t rush the product, and ignore the basic threshold to make the product look good. My first company developed products that were liked by users at the time, but because of the poor design and visual performance, users were reluctant to share our products. When we released The Muse, the lessons learned, this time, 25% of users have shared The Muse to their friends through social media.

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