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Guest network into your lifeForget nternet business contacts

On the way back to

was like a Yao the ornamental and the combined plain properties foreign staff, his company was founded. The king gave me introduce, and introduce me to everyone. That year, the website I am very influential although no longer, but the status still.

also said that far.

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online is a kind of economic exchange does not exist a general equivalent of "barter" commodity exchange, intermediate links over the currency transactions, for the exchange of commodity value includes use value and exchange value two. The guest is generally used to exchange their unused items, exchange result is to further explore the use value of commodity, the commodity use value maximization. The potential use of value depends on the needs of both sides of the exchange and the value realization of the other party. Demand directly determines a successful exchange, makes the exchange value of commodity trade contains more subjective willingness and emotional factors, which is the fundamental reason for passengers seemingly non equivalent economic exchanges. As a rational economic man in modern society, most of the goods are finally equivalent exchange, that pin for villa "small-scale" does not happen often, under normal circumstances, the value of commodity exchange visitors perceptual demand will contain more value and less. Visitors to the seemingly non equivalent economic intercourse, while shouting "exchange value exchange, enjoy the fun" slogan, but did not violate the labor value theory, is based on a "under the concept of equivalent exchange each one takes what he needs.

they talked a lot, from the website of cooperation to the Internet’s brother and even to rent. Which about a secret, Wang deliberately told me this: don’t write out…. remember, when Lin and Yao is going to move from Zhichun Road to China World Trade Center company. Cai, speaking in a thick Taiwanese accent, familiar with inventory around the office building, he said, a business district rent is very cheap, "per square meter was 2 and a half". I had wanted to, in a place like China World Trade Center, 2 / 5 a square meter every day really not expensive ah, later came to understand that what they say is the unit of currency is the dollar.

At present, many visitors

so far.

website C2C personal business barter is free, it is difficult to profit, so most of the similar competitive ranking make popular online articles ranked in the forefront of the page, to increase website hits, attract advertising. Provide only the exchange commodity display and rankings, almost no value-added services, the online website is two yuan platform shopping website "". To carry out the barter business B2B business between enterprises can solve the problem of shortage of funds and overstock of stocks in both sides of the exchange, and has a good prospect for development. "C2C – B2B gains attention together, this will be the best mode of future online web business.

blog culture the media economy is no longer a virtual digital space "etopia", has started to show some practical principles in Internet activities: Digg Internet users attention reflects the convergence of media.

dispersed gettingdark, Wang Genlin and Yao said, "you drive on the way, I was carrying a little brother". This sentence I remember grateful that a thank Wang repeatedly to help me this a green hand of small pawn, two is grateful to him for introducing me to know so many insiders.

was born in the United States in July 2005, a young man with a red pin in the network finally for a villa of the right to use case, this new "guest life" "visitors" Chinese quickly detonated trend. The process of online communication activities is very simple, as long as the visitors posted on the website where you may have unused items, then write to exchange the goods, then wait to interested users to exchange. If the parties have reached an agreement, they can exchange the method, the method of contact and the time and place according to the convenient degree, and finally complete an exchange in reality. In the online China successful record to see both the value of the mobile phone for digital cameras, glass kettle for trading, there are mobile phone for signature star posters, pet dogs for a mobile phone lithium battery, the transaction value seems to be quite different.

after the visit, the king took me to see the legendary man cai. In CAI there, I saw two people, one is a forest, is yao. Lin, President of a mobile website tens of millions of monthly water customized ringing tone. When the SP is still very profitable, conscientiously implement the Ministry’s "two confirmations" doctrine until the turn of the new year in the mobile autumn months, a large number of SP companies have been closed down, Hurray was delisting, delisting is another year of TOM online.

, Yao Helin said some of the industry. In the 3rd Ring Rd slow, we.

guest culture

so many people here, cooperation, boduantui, as bosses have to sit out a word. At this point the old leadership in another mentor Lee who is erudite. He often said to me, looking for people to eat is to play for fun, to make friends, cooperate a few minutes to finish, the remaining time is playing. Li is always full of passion, very hard, so he has been so smooth, now the trader is currently the most popular Internet financial.

Media economy characteristics of

it is a lazy afternoon, afternoon sun slanting over from the shutters, according to body warm. We enjoy a cup of tea and Fujian Tieguanyin, impatient I burn your tongue.

winter a weekend afternoon, for second years. I carry his new Fuji telephoto to Wanda Plaza, to mentor the king to visit, he had just founded less than half the entertainment social networking site. That year, the Web2.0 concept is the fire. Although Saturday, Wang racket company, entrepreneurial atmosphere.

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