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Behind the crowd the entrepreneur’s list of disease deaths is rapidly stretchingBlizzard no love

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June 23, 2016, the former Alibaba data technology and products division DT director of the European kichiro playing badminton when death, only 34 years old;


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after Zhang Rui’s event, I look at the Internet at home and abroad and some pressure in the industry, after reading the heart very shocked, every industry has experienced a similar cases of sudden death:

in January 2011, Ilya, Diaspora22, co-founder of the American social networking site, chose to kill himself;

in 2013, Wu Lijun, former chairman of the Royal estate, died of a brain attack. He was only 36 years old.

in January 2013, the Silicon Valley electricity supplier website Ecomom47 years old founder Jody Sherman ended his life;

October 5, 2016, the founder of the spring rain CEO Zhang acute myocardial infarction in the morning, the rescue died;

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

all of a sudden, everyone talks about health problems, and they start to pay attention to the state of entrepreneurs, especially their health. How to let the tragedy will not repeat what happened? What to take to save his life giving entrepreneurs? But I think these two days are not discussed in the circle of friends to the most important and most profound questions, to my 17 years of hardships in the feelings, and help to restore the two severe depression executive experience, health the problem of entrepreneurs only ranked second, mental health problems under pressure is the first killer of entrepreneurs.

December 13, 2015, vice president of the voice engine group at the Tencent research and development center, Li Junming, died while walking with his pregnant wife;

last October, your circle of friends is the founder for rain doctors — Zhang Rui, a commitment for people around the world to solve the health problems of entrepreneurs, he fell in the disease, this is really a sad thing, 5 billion of the market value of the company lost his leader.

Abstract: in October last year, the founder of the rain doctor fell ill, leaving a company with a market capitalization of 5 billion. In the Internet industry, the list of founders who die of disease is rapidly growing. They are ordinary, but in fact they are in debt. They are under pressure. They don’t know the details, except when they break down.

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, June 29, 2016, Jin Bo, associate editor of Tianya community, died in Beijing at the age of 34,

1, shocking sudden death and suicides list

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February 2014, bitcoin trading platform First Meta’s 28 year old CEO Autumn Radtke committed suicide, the reason is unknown;

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