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now, the electricity supplier has two practices: small and beautiful electricity supplier pursuit of profitability, large and all the electricity supplier love scale. These practices are not right or wrong, only suitable or not. My view is that from the very beginning to make money steadily, through the continuous cycle of development, should be the pursuit of most companies, of course, including electricity providers.


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Online + offline, is now popular O2O mode. I always focus on tourists and scenic spots. Group six business segments, donkey mother network to visitors into the scenic spots, odd plots to the scenic spots to do planning and design, in addition, there are scenic marketing, operations management, and even investment. In turn, my online and scenic formation of good relations, is bound to provide better online resources. I can get better quality at a lower price. As a result, my product price performance has improved, and even provide special services for tourists.

enterprises to make money, relying on nothing more than low-cost, good products, excellent service, but means different. Donkey mother do more successful in two places: first, the business model to take online and offline integration, and two is to maximize the service.

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"Online + offline", that is, the current popular O2O mode, this model can circumvent the traditional electricity supplier single line of operation defects, very suitable for small vertical electricity supplier. The key to this model is to integrate online and offline operations into a complete chain, otherwise it will backfire.

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in our industry, there are also fast money market scale, but we also grow very fast, every year there are hundreds of growth, that’s enough. As long as you can live very well, is not afraid of pressure. Why? Because the market is a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. I believe that by smashing money quickly, there is success, but the odds are small. What have you done when you’re done with the fire? I feel like I’m full of self

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every company has its own genes, and our genes start under the line. We first did travel planning consulting, and later extended to tourism marketing, tourism development, hotel chains, etc., are offline business. At that time, we had formed the habit of making money. The establishment of donkey mother network, one is to adapt to the development trend of the Internet, two is to complement the line business, improve the company’s business chain, forming a closed loop. The ultimate goal, or to make money better?.

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Hong Qinghua: the first thing is to make a steady profit,

the first kind: the line is too thin, the line lives well,



donkey mom just started to do, the Ctrip and elong. I sometimes feel alone doing online is also very good, but Ctrip after all grabbed the initiative, and the second is too far away from it. Such as our vertical class of small electricity supplier, that is, on line and offline interaction, so has been developing very robust.