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was relegated to technology research and development, and handed Deng Feng’s operations and finance to Silicon Valley’s professional managers. Since then, when confronted with the battle over corporate control, the professionalism of the American business culture has always been able to dispel Deng Feng’s founder complex. Get a good price in 2004 screen, he chose to sell.

well, here to talk about a month Taobao experience, first of all, starting from the individual, I found a fact that is the choice of promotion methods must choose their own, everyone is not the same, for the promotion of others is not for you, for you may not be suitable for others, like Tao and Qin Jiahui, from their guest experience have distinctive personal characteristics, they are very aware of their advantages in there, very clear positioning of your site, so the Tao chose to push a single product.

Deng Feng


of course, I do Tao also have some other ideas, such as learning website technology, learning network marketing and product promotion. In my opinion, the best investment in the world is to invest in yourself, to invest in both technical and intellectual abilities. I am also optimistic about the prospects for the development of the network and money. E-commerce era has really entered our lives, after the baptism of the Internet bubble, e-commerce has been pragmatic from the concept, so it’s a bright future is real and predictable. Ashamed to say, actually the idea of network business platform in a long time ago and I think about it, I just do not dare to think, not that Ma can do execution, so that the idea had to go and drive. There is always a reason for a man to succeed, so I admire Ma Yun very much and really accomplish a seemingly impossible task and dream. "Good birds greener pastures, Liangchen choose principal and paternity" I believe Ma, and in Ma’s work is reliable, reassuring. Looking at the current network of three, three network expert I admire most: Robin Li, Ma Huateng, Ma Yun, do e-commerce all options, sh419 has ah, pat , and of course our taobao, visible: Great minds think alike. and the electronic commerce is still in the blue ocean stage, and see the future.

Alex Hsu

was listed against the wind in the shadow of the 9· and 11 terrorist attacks in 2001 and sold to Juniper for $4 billion in 2004. But today, those with Netscreen scale similar security company F5 market value has doubled several times, Deng Feng’s partner and men has founded FortiGate Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks Aerohive, lnnovay, Hillstone, each rise for the network security domain name illustrious collar.

because I am from the Tao do start to understand this website profit pattern and heap flow profit model is not the same, a transaction is the income. The objective fact is that you can’t force someone to come shopping on your website, so a normal mind is a must. Yes, of course, no deal, do not have to be discouraged, after all, this is the same as farmers grow vegetables, is the "day" to eat. My guest mind, also have ten thousand steps back means that I can’t even get commissions from others, but at least I can when you buy something from Taobao can save yourself some money. If done well, of course, better, less investment, profits are considerable. I think, I estimate this mentality is Ma want to see the situation, to promote the many aspects of taobao Amoy good or see, Why not?.

‘s problems are not unique in China’s business ecology. Deng Feng, Xie Qing, Yan Ke – three U.S. students jointly established in 1997, the item Netscreen, is probably the history of China students at Silicon Valley was the most successful enterprise. The team, with Chinese engineers as the core, combines the two functions of network and security, and makes the complex firewall hardware and simple, which makes the world’s first firewall chip.

Deng Feng remembers clearly that when he returned home, everyone asked him, "how can you sell your own company,

After investing in Sequoia for second years,

has got to work now." Deng Feng’s blood flowing, never restless, he hopes to have its own brand and team, establish influence with investment, "at first I want to use half the time to angel investors, the rest of the time to do a think-tank in China, using their own advantages in the resources of the United States to help more enterprises to internationalize China." Since 2001, he has been a limited partner of the venture capital fund in the United States, and has invested in companies such as Chinese online and Shenzhou billion, as well as later listing

accidentally watched Ali mother today, incredibly income, of course, this is a bit unexpected, but also expected.

began to do guest from November, has just little more than 1 months.

"to be a business, a child, a pig, a child, not just a child of a founder, but a child of the whole family – the founder, the investor, and the employee.". They all want to make money, you can’t just care about yourself." Deng Feng did not regret anything at the time of the story.


Deng Feng always explains, "first of all, it’s not my company. It’s a public company.". The item I founded, but our founder accounted for only a small share, unlike Chinese founder that absolute holding, I more to consider the interests of shareholders, the interests of employees, to stand in the perspective of the board of directors."