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Liu Zhen Harvard speech no boundaries until the painThe four main reasons why websites do not make

example: trash, Adult supplies……

A, website profit pattern, the more simple, easy about

B, the silent money! "

! market!

today, I’m in charge of business development in today’s headlines. I work with many business partners and investors, and many of them are not chinese. It’s important to learn how to look at the business and the position of the company in the market from their point of view

3. At present, those who have their profit model about smallpox website to join the project most is a lie.

the first intersection in my career, just 70 miles from here in Concord.

! The

B, if you want to run a low risk can really give you money, we must first think of how to make money, and then come back to do

this year’s Web2.0 concept of wind type website: blog, video and classification

error: ideas and bigger think about how to make money, because the three major portals, sh419 and other well-known sites have come to be so

hot four

A, a small area, large

2, the profit model is more complex, your users and customers more difficult to understand, let users and customers at the head, it is difficult for you to succeed.

good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

article was compiled by Liu Zhen in his speech at the opening ceremony of the Harvard China forum. In her speech, she shared 3 turning points in her life, encouraging entrepreneurs to jump out of their comfort zone.

, because they do not understand the network marketing, network marketing is not good enough to do


, don’t know how to make money

thanks the organizer for inviting me. It is my great honor to speak at the Harvard China forum.

2, the current Internet environment and 10 years ago the same Internet environment?

the first time I went abroad, I was a high school exchange student in Concord, which is not far from here. 17 years ago, when I first came to the United States, I first stepped on the land of Boston. Therefore, this place occupies a special place in my mind. Today, my homestay family came to the scene and thanked them for their constant support and encouragement.

1, and the successful website at the same time take the same way down website how many

popular concept of Web site has the following characteristics:

speech, Liu Zhen said at a news conference, from Massachusetts exchange students, Silicon Valley law firm, and then to Uber China, today’s headlines, he was very disturbed. But later found that the common nature of start-up companies is pragmatic, she recognized this entrepreneurial culture. Headline is an international company that will continue to explore international mergers and acquisitions opportunities, including the United States, India, Japan and Southeast asia.

three, do not use the network marketing

I realized that for the same thing, my perceptions were very different from those of American kids. It is the first time, I realized that to really understand a thing, even if you are very familiar with things, sometimes only to jump out of an external perspective, in order to have a more objective and profound thinking and understanding on this issue.

B, what want to do, what is often done, focus on a small area, easy to do the industry’s top

high school year, I decided to come to the United States for a year of exchange learning. Immersed in a new culture, it is not difficult to break through the language. I still remember the scene of Chinese history and politics with other high school students. Based on my limited English proficiency, this is hardly a debate.

two, profit model is too complex to

, what do what



1, speculation is the fire

is very low and will be more and more low!!!

please remember these 2 principles:

e-commerce network marketing

remember here that principle is:

every time I go back to new England, I’m happy.

! The core business is marketing Before I came to the United States, I was in high school in Beijing, when I was a popular star student in

1, a project, its risk is greater, because as long as one part is not good, it may fail.

, the 2 fierce competition

3, the operating mode of the more high success rate of

you think about these problems: no

One of the

A, the high risk does not necessarily have a high return on

forum today is the theme of "entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial role", I would like to share three crossing themselves on the journey of life and you: how from a foreign exchange student, to a lawyer, and then to Uber, today’s headlines executives.


!Why many companies do not make money ? !Such as the recent

popular concept is more difficult to successful website to

Liu Zhenhe’s family photo couple field

The more part of !Please remember this principle:

want to make money on the Internet, you must understand the network marketing

The core of

. When I say Chinese is the debate team, skilled in debate, often make a speech.

! ?

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