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HUAWE holds mobile phone open day Yu Chengdong behave be humbleStationmaster hangs advertisement

replies to their official review

in Ali mother back for re opened, please be assured of our technical staff will be based on the actual data of assessment, please be patient, the audit results will be within three working days to reply you by mail.


below is the first reply,

reminder: this letter is automatically issued by the system, please do not directly " reply " this mail, the system can not read your reply:

"we’ve been reflecting on recent flash events, with the industry using more than 97% of the memory EMCC, and UFS’s recent rise.". HUAWEI terminals have been emphasizing overall performance, rather than emphasizing a particular parameter. We also do not have any false propaganda, life should be good faith, in HUAWEI, this is a high voltage line, who will be expelled, including me." Yu Chengdong says.

welcome to enter: mother law enforcement code

reads as follows: "you submitted the question:

on the open day, HUAWEI terminal CEO Yu Chengdong said that the starting point and end of HUAWEI phones are from the end consumer, which is the key to the success of HUAWEI mobile phones today.

I was depressed. Why? Oh, no way. I didn’t cheat. Why did you close my call? So I sent them a letter

, by recalling the history of the past, Yu Chengdong at the meeting mainly expressed two meanings – consumer centric and strengthen R & D capability.

HUAWEI mobile phone is one of the three core business of HUAWEI, has entered the top three global sales, and has achieved a certain reputation. As a consumer business, CEO’s Yu Chengdong and the team that led it can not be helped.


"Hello, Ali! Mom, customer service, Hulu! It’s my pleasure to serve you,


at the same time, he also reviewed himself, a man should be humble. "Outside call me more than my mouth, a tech man, I often go straight to express emotion, give the team a lot of trouble, here I apologize. But inside, everyone knows, I have not blown cattle, HUAWEI mobile phone set goals are achieved one by one."

last year, HUAWEI global shipments reached 139 million, ranked third in the world. Recently, the third party organization IDC announced in 2017 China smartphone market report in the first quarter, ranked first in still HUAWEI, HUAWEI to 20% of the market share of the first, an increase of 25.5%.


today, HUAWEI’s first HUAWEI mobile phone open day, HUAWEI hopes to open posture, not to avoid questioning.


, let’s take a look at their response,

HUAWEI has always been important to the development of self-evident. In this regard, Yu Chengdong said, HUAWEI currently employs more than 170 thousand, more than half of R & D engineers, for terminal HUAWEI will continue to invest every year, in order to maintain innovation.

started in the second half of 2016, including CPU, memory, screen and many other electronic components have entered the stock shortage cycle, from HUAWEI flash >

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some time ago, HUAWEI P10 flash events much raise a Babel of criticism of media and public opinions, the face of challenge, Yu Chengdong micro-blog said in deep introspection, rapid improvement, and initiative, senior employee personally go to the frontline to listen to the actual needs of consumers.

Yu Chengdong pointed out that HUAWEI’s corporate culture is "customer centric, struggle for the fundamental", the past six years, HUAWEI’s terminal development has always been around this point.

thank you very much for your support for Ali’s mother.

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!"You have to see

it is reported that the opening day including six major initiatives: 2012 open laboratory, visit the mysterious Shenzhen global headquarters base, Dongguan Songshan Lake production base, product quality testing laboratories, and open executives face to face Paizhuan comments.

suddenly received a letter from my mother Ali in October 18th, the contents of which are as follows:

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