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Star interview 4 let me check not yetThree entrepreneurial directions entrepreneurs should avoid cl

in their weight and gaps, entrepreneurial social products and future and hope

for entrepreneurs, the market has been in the technical threshold of Apple TV under the demonstration effect reduced to a relatively low level, the popularity of the concept of a variety of mobile smart devices and smart home is gradually accepted by people, can be said that the market is growing up, but because of the problem as everyone knows, it has strict access system, and have extremely strict supervision.

Chen Hongzhou: "value maximization, consumption most economy" is the core demand of consumers. Based on this core demand, I check the development team produced a "mobile phone scan code to obtain price information", build a "credibility of the information platform" concept. Its core functions include price, quality, and access to preferential information. Users can use Qinjianchijia I look up, quickly find their desire to buy goods in the shop and the store price situation. I check the quality information released by the quality inspection department, developed the "exposure bar" function, the first time >

I look at COO Chen Hongzhou

business is not what you want to create can record, most of the time seems everything is money, but you will find the last forever not to blow the wind.

life utility APP, I’ll check on COO," Chen Hongzhou said in an interview. "At the moment, I’m not looking for profit yet, but the team is still focusing on building products.". In 2013, I will check to focus on building security features.

in the open market, entrepreneurs may be able to match wits, there may be the possibility of success and hope, but in areas dominated by macro policy, role and influence factors other than too much market, entrepreneurs don’t have luck, don’t ever get smart, never leave my estimation is too strong, otherwise only a dead end.

, about what I was looking for, said Chen Hongzhou, "I’m not looking for profit yet."." But he also stressed that there is a good product to retain users, but also to further realize the possibility of profit. The main thing I’m checking out is still building products. In the early days of entrepreneurship, we should pay more attention to the practicability and user experience of App itself. Ning Meng

sing, none have resources as background in shortly after the launch was >

TechWeb with


good beginning is half the success, if at the outset to choose the wrong field, then finally only great possibility to accept helpless defeat. For domestic entrepreneurs, some areas are best not to touch.

editor’s note: 2013 China Internet entrepreneurs Conference 2013.loohua/ will be officially opened in May this year, before the official opening of the general assembly, TechWeb and Discuz! Entrepreneurs Conference Organizing Committee jointly launched "mobile venture star" series of interviews, show the mobile Internet goers style.

asked: How did you ever think of doing a barcode scanning such a product,

has won the favor of investors?

it is reported that, at present, I check, has more than 8 million kinds of top grade information, businesses, prices and other data covering 32 provinces and cities including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Chen Hongzhou said, I check the database, mainly from the network and other online channel search, business cooperation, data docking, offline manual scanning acquisition, net error correction, upload and other means.

Internet TV service



social products are dead in china.

equal to anything gradually become WeChat, Sina climate in a threatening manner micro-blog, not to mention the renren platform although has been gradually declining but still have a billion users. Ordinary youth is more than 700 million users, about 60000000 of the young artists is watercress users, sh419, micro-blog Post Bar equally grab other users, these companies have smooth and clean sweet potato points out has five hundred million users of the Internet market China.

following questions and answers:

social product

find and grasp the new requirements of social products is the key to the success of the problem is, love does not necessarily mean that users will be able to make money, if you do not make money, any


The and


I check in 2010 formally launched, through the user mobile phone scanning commodity bar code to quickly obtain the major supermarkets and online shopping mall of the same commodity prices, to achieve parity function. Chen Hongzhou said, I check, designed to build a "credibility of the information platform", its core functions include price, quality and access to preferential information.


for 2013 I checked the development plan, Chen Hongzhou revealed that in 2013 will further enrich the database, optimize the parity experience. On the other hand, we will focus on building quality protection functions, so that users can avoid the danger of product safety problems.

MIIT, SARFT, the big three, the Internet TV market, there are too many interests and rules, everyone will understand the Internet TV is a promising industry, but until now only in CNTV, know-all, China as the representative of the seven licensed platform, while others are destined for a long period of time can only be Xiewan Yuanguan "- the" big box "and now" millet box "situation has a vivid illustration of this point.

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