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Experiencing entrepreneurship a failed New orientalTalk about 2011 stationmaster does what websit

many friends will certainly scoff: "buy site have done rotten, and now go to do not lose the wife, but also soldiers," Xie felt not necessarily, the key is still positioning:

3, wireless gaming information website

one: Opportunity: partner, temptation,

1, buy site


– – second failed,

2, our training once made, at least annually earn one to two million no problem.

introduced by friends, and friends of friends became "friends", before eating a meal, said two times, because I believe that friends, so a "and his friends, he surnamed Yi, a Rong, a teacher from the suburbs of the county. Every time he would meet for him to do a business school in detail, he overweeningly ambitious to the cause of education, education of future planning, at least a year millions of promise, finally in third I was captured Rookie prospects are easy to be broken. The first day of April 21st, Taurus, in the office of the director and chief took the table and went out of the office, that is my most clear in one day, no longer do not bow and scrape, no longer find amusement when the occasion arises……. I went to sea to find my Chinese partner.

A: regional group purchase website not to go for the big city, but the small and medium-sized city especially in small towns there are a lot of business opportunities, general small towns group purchase website was not even many gaps in the market, large group purchase website is busy and occupied the city’s market share in the short term, not to compete for these are just Wangzai small Steamed Buns customers on the market big cake, which gave birth to a lot of business opportunities.

to ask now who is not a mobile phone? If the pet can speak, estimation of modern people early to cats and dogs with a mobile phone, more important is whether everyone, almost go out on a mobile phone , with the overwhelming Iphone in young and old man petty hands everywhere open flowers, the popularity of 3G 4G has even point the day and await for it in contrast, the climax of wireless Internet mobile Internet, who will occupy the initiative nature is holding the future blue chip stocks, especially in the mobile Internet game and antivirus website community and so on, no prospect "


rather baffling entrepreneurship, to face the facts before the beginning of the end, my confidence was seriously damaged, transformed into a part-time cleaner Dicos to sell insurance financial planner specifically pit acquaintances and friends. In order not to waste their parents a painstaking: stability is greater than everything, forced into state-owned enterprises, thrown into the real estate company, kicked into the temporary jungle. It is said that such a good wife, children, the name of the work is also good to listen to, have a face. However, I thought that mixing the iron rice bowl to live at ease and to get married and have children, I am always a rebel and unwilling to do nothing, so I can’t help myself. Think over and over again, and finally chose to start business, so I was lucky to become a Chinese businessman in early twenty-first Century".

is now very popular expression site, space skin site, there is a lot to explore, such as the music lyrics, mining almost, Taobao can also dig Wangwang MSN ah ah Gtalk, don’t think of their users, bring you hundreds of Web site is no problem at all.

1, once the certificate, proof to take down, as a teacher he resigned immediately, dedicated to the management, operation, because he is the only true for 10 years in the teachers’ position, familiarity with the industry, the most authoritative teaching experience.

For example,

two, commitment:

returned to his hometown, a good feng shui feng shui or green mountains and rivers, in addition to good southwest town. I came to his appointment, seemingly good tea.


well, the direction is more important than the effort to talk about the following simple which direction do have certain development space:

1, school procedures:

want to do poineering work in Internet, the best way is to have their own website, through the website of the plan is the implementation of build up the family fortunes of many young dream. Now many people are not optimistic about the website, after all, more and more people engaged in the network of successful people seem less and less, monopoly is becoming more and more obvious, such as Tencent, ten years ago it just instant messaging, music video games from now even have his group purchase antivirus figure, seem to kill a lot of people in business see, I thank the courage, "a brief review about the history of the Tencent copy, so that we can not help but worship", but everything has its two sides, but also to see with the development of the Internet, the Internet and network users more and more, the business is also growing, so long as through continuous efforts, the Internet will give you miracle stage.

B: to the specialized group purchase website specialized direction, such as special tableware group purchase website, specializes in bonsai group purchase website, tropical fish breeding group purchase website, as long as the intention to explore thinking, or a lot of opportunities.

3, organization code of quality supervision bureau.

two, dwell on: doubt?

2, to do large sites and popular procedures for supporting informative sites

2, through the Civil Affairs Bureau for the record, the non-profit organizations for the record;

The first time

and he talked about running school together:

3, I signed 10% of the shares, must let me at least 15> per year

1, to apply for school certification, and through the examination and approval by the Education Bureau, while paying some fees; school locations must be checked out by fire brigade;

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