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He sold his share of the company and bought a bicycle A few years later the company sold 170 millio

, after his withdrawal, his former two little partners did not stop, and they continued to devote themselves to the development of the software..

over the past 8 years, this software has become more and more popular. With more and more users, worldwide downloads have reached ten million times. As many as 300 million of mobile phones use it as the default input method. Its users even include Stephen · hawking.


and Chris, after leaving the job, bought a bike and went after his dream of becoming a photographer.


Chris brother

"what do you want to buy?" this has almost become the local people of Yiwu a greeting, people like Beijing to meet the sentence: "you eat?" as the world’s largest small commodity free kingdom, small ornaments, small toys, hardware to small appliances, thousands on thousands of small businesses and households the manufacturing workshop of small commodities, every day from Yiwu to the world.

is definitely… < >

meters wrong.. If Chris hadn’t sold his share to buy a bike, he might have been able to share it..





8 years ago, a man named Chris Hill-Scott, and two university students to develop a SwiftKey input method, the input method is a input method using the technology of artificial intelligence to predict user input content.

in the city where the merchants gathered, the most famous scenic spot is the newly built Yiwu international trade city. "It takes 30 minutes to drive from one end of the city to the other. It’s fast, and it takes 10 minutes without traffic jams."." Li Xinmiao said.

It’s difficult for

to have such high visibility. Finally, a few days ago, Microsoft shot 170 million pounds to buy the software..


here, for men, there is a general term for "boss". Li Xinmiao, a three – year student at the Yiwu business school in Zhejiang, is also the "boss of Li" among the students".

in the end, he chose to launch, take the company back to his shares, bought a car… A bike.

, 8 years have passed..

, Yiwu business school, Career Academy, entrepreneurship is the most normal kind of ecology. Here, entrepreneurship means to do business on Taobao.


Yiwu only as a university, offers a unique set of evaluation system of Yiwu industry and Commerce College Students Entrepreneurship: class can take a single bill below; allowed to skip class, as long as the final result is qualified; Taobao level credit, a diamond worth two credits; students with two classrooms, a is the storage classroom, a classroom is.

, this is the other two start-up small partners, Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock

this car arrow diagram of

This is

said today that the man may be the most worried man in 2016..

is a famous story about Yiwu called "feather for sugar", said the lack of resources in Yiwu’s brains active small businessman zounanchuangbei street, with sugar and other items for toilet paper is low, the residents of the home of the feather and other waste to obtain profit. Chicken feather candy is the earliest pioneering story in Yiwu.

The most expensive bike in the history of

– I don’t know what it’s like to buy a bike and become a photographer, but this guy really bought his bike with this money, and he has a heart that wants to be a photographer.

the layout of each classroom is very similar. Shelves next to the computer, under the desk, behind the classroom, and bin >

and Chris started business together with the two small partners, and finally got 25 million pounds respectively, about more than 200 million yuan..

Xuefeng tower is the oldest building in the school. It is now the seat of the institute. Two floor of a classroom, the wall posted "passion ignited dream, entrepreneurial change life" red big slogan, blackboard bulletin board listed class supply: wool socks protection price 17 yuan. This is a benefit for the students who have started their business.

"lilaoban" is well deserved. Li Xinmiao is the school’s "Taobao business class" top student, has a crown class Taobao shop and a Taobao mall store, have their own registered company, daily turnover of 1 to 20 thousand yuan. The Yiwu Institute of Commerce and technology, the only local university, has also been known for supporting students in Taobao business, known as the Taobao university".

was this brother as one person in charge, because not all love life and work overtime, wages are still not guarantee the business early no way! So he has introduced the meaning of..

in a quiet afternoon, the reporter walked into the school. The school was empty, and the students packed up the lunch boxes and walked into the classroom. They sat down at the table full of gray express bags, and opened the window of the Taobao Wangwang: "pro, what can I do for you?"

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