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n addition to Ma Jiajia there are 90 nternet entrepreneurs who deserve attentionDomestic advertis

?" !

4, dream net: Du Mengjie,

I can say that this is still very valuable, and the alliance says the conversion rate is the same as the electricity supplier. The money thrown out can obviously see the return, and because of the large number of base stations, your promotion is very strong;

why not profitable website alliance? The fundamental problem is the market is not mature, as I do in the SEO market dragons and fishes jumbled together understand the point of fur began to blow to try to make money on the clear water and it was this color to black;

low-key luxury edition tyrant: B2C started, retail + wholesale cosmetics flow 3 hundred million, recently formed a team to set up their angel investment fund. Have NiuDao, voted early intelligent hardware projects.

to solve these problems once SWJ did not answer, because although I do advertising alliance but do not know how to operate them back, now SWJ due to the company’s strategy deployed by the SEO department to advertising department to take their own so in some practice experience and the Union Ministry to share today, mainly about do not be profitable alliance platform

Is it necessary for

3, plum skin care: Wu you

2, elephant technology founder: Liu Kenan

5, British Chinese New Media Alliance founder: Qu Chia Wei



Adsense advertising alliance? big web site can consider sh419 alliance or GG

6 million college students live 30%, A $10 million last year.


Summary: How about

has raised more than 60000 yuan a year off a tour of India, Nepal, Bahrain, Dubai and Afghanistan and other countries. 09 Gansu China Raleigh expedition, is now committed to raise public network.

I would like to share with you some of the successful 90 entrepreneurs around me

many people asked me before, how about the advertising Union? The webmaster asked me if they would deduct the amount of money, and the customer asked me again, "do we need to do the advertising alliance?

followed the words above,


1, super curriculum co-founder: Yu Jiawen & leaf length was

League deduction amount,

tiger sniffing note: who can think of 90 entrepreneurs from the beginning of the hot topic is Ma Allison, Allison Ma however may not be the only concern of 90 entrepreneurs, this paper we listed 7 other entrepreneurs and their projects.


one hand open, seconds are positive and negative. Millet mode condoms do, for the sake of Sao sheng. Recently, the investment circle’s favourite, the investment circle uncle and I want his WeChat, I think they are almost bent.

I can say, advertising alliance is still very meaningful, for small Adsense can make money, small money promotion own website;

advertising alliance platform website currently has no real profit, at least a little pocket money webmaster do alliance can make space domain name fee is not a problem, the customer alliance can effectively maximize the brand promotion coverage is very broad, and we can also specify the Darwin alliance you want to put into what type of website on the basis of a suit just >

customers to advertise for

starts from Paris and works as an independent brand designer. Go to French fashion >

Powerhouse, 6 independent designer brand owners: Yang Yi poetry


92 years, the League operates 15 British related tuba, Jia Wei at the same time agents of three, floor and other big names, there is a glorious travel agency. Waterloo in London opened his own fashion shop. each project to make money in real money is testing the cross-border electricity supplier, the current search for investors.



website alliance profitable? SWJ can tell you directly, the current domestic market has not really said that our alliance began to profit, no, and some are Huyou customers and investors;

I can say is why formal alliance will be deducted from your this amount? Because it is not necessary, so little money against their reputation or their head screwed up! The SWJ to tell you why Union statistics and statistics of your own sometimes is not the same, in fact, the problem is not in the league, but if you count to the customer! 10 people to download, but there are only 8 statistics to the customer why? Because the 2 IP or delete immediately after downloading and so on, these are considered invalid, customers only see the final number! So many people have said that the union buckle quantity is not in the customer alliance is buckled in the buckle to solve this problem that! A genius is a harmonious market environment;

three or four months ago, everyone also praise the Ma Jiajia into entrepreneurship goddess, I began to depreciate her. Her circle of friends to share information, in fact, nothing dry. Of course, her media marketing capabilities seem to have many places to learn from, but also bear in mind the "Jianghu" three word motto "fighting bit", just like that.

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