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Dialogue Cai Wensheng Zeng Li Qing under BAT where are the opportunities for entrepreneursSome pr

industry website advertisement, general stationmaster is put professional content advertisement commonly. But the insertion of the appropriate other ads will lead to better results. Before friends do novel stand, basically put Dangdang advertising, sell books kind, and inserted in the two weight loss advertising, although particularly inconspicuous, but the click rate is unusually high. Perhaps it is this difference that arouses people’s curiosity.

such sites to Taobao railway stations mostly. It’s like a huge shopping network, there’s everything in it, but it’s a link to someone else, someone else’s goods, and nothing to throw at. Many advertising organizations also offer such affiliate links. To say that such sites do not earn money, the answer is certainly yes. If you are the first to move in, of course, make money. It’s like our Taobao site. However, one thing to note is that most of these sites are to collect other people’s content, and it is collected by the whole station. It is easy to be K, and the energy of ranking is huge. If you want to do this kind of site. Without good link resources and SEO resources, it’s hard to maintain.


Q: Cai said in a word, a person with an internet background and an entrepreneur with both the traditional industry background and the Internet. In today’s context, the latter is more likely to succeed. Could you elaborate on that,

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another point is that the platform that BAT forms will be very helpful for some start-up companies that do CP.

look at the webmaster network and other similar consulting, industry website, the first screen has a large number of banner, that is called banner advertising. Professional website, basically with the content of the station close to the advertising, not professional, everything, disorganized. Here you can learn some shopping e-commerce website practices, that is, do not pile up banner together. Insert Banner Banners between the columns of the article. For a banner with good results and high click rate, the method of repeated laying can be adopted, and the advertisement is emphasized in the absence of the same screen.

Cai Wensheng: we have always felt that BAT is in monopoly, but on the other hand, the market value of BAT ten years ago is so small that it is impossible to spend a lot of money on channel acquisitions. Now they are on the scale of hundreds of billions of dollars, will spend heavily on acquisitions, such as 91 wireless. This will make our business more and more worthwhile, and we can sell it for a big price.

Q: like the O2O field that has always been mentioned, can grassroots entrepreneurs afford

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Q: the last two years BAT continued to increase the acquisition and integration of Internet efforts, in this environment, the two look at how the current Internet business? For new entrepreneurs, the competition is not more intense than before, there is no chance of

ads are very offensive to web surfers, and I think few people like to read ads except for advertisers. Now many websites, content is only a little poor, advertising is very substantial. Like several of the recent collection of sh419 know a few websites, many long tail keywords ranking well, point in to find the content, the whole page is piled up by advertising. The advertisement packing phenomenon is a common problem many novice webmaster, because there is no site experience, no data analysis, do not know how to use the existing data analysis and improvement, the website traffic more into advertising revenue. Here, we classify several websites. Hope to help.

website how to place advertising is knowledge, you need to according to your data analysis, constantly modified, in order to make more money.

originally from the breeze paper www.qfpaper, reprinted please indicate

Ceng Liqing: we have previously voted two electricity supplier O2O, one to do very do not call the house, many are completely grassroots. There must be some of the traditional industry experience, such as the house more CEO, the original is to do real estate intermediary, another home appliance business O2O company CEO also in Real Estate Company as general manager. But if it is purely grassroots Internet start-ups, there may be some problems in this area.

this afternoon, Chinese angel in two "after 70" Big Brothers – Cai Wensheng and Ceng Liqing, as the 2014 innovation China spring finals judges mentor, boarded the Show station before the ultimate PK, and accepted the "entrepreneur" magazine executive editor Fang Hao site visit, the following dialogue:

of course, in this case, you want to become a company like BAT will be very difficult, need at the right time, but we will see more opportunities from the vertical industry, there will be more large, perhaps 3 to 5 years there will be big.

allcomm investment chairman Ceng Liqing right and chairman Cai Wensheng 4399 in



Cai Wensheng: yes. >

Ceng Liqing: just say BAT, today want to do a BAT or small BAT basically no possibility, but in some areas, vertical or BAT Internet traffic is the role of market segmentation is not too large, such as the recent two years you fire the real estate business and car electricity supplier, we can see some of the development of the company is good.


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