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A rookie webmaster 10 day experience 1000

said first, I’m really a rookie, but since the site is still a bit of experience. Here to say their own experience. That’s not good, please advise.


I think the individual station, if you want to improve your views, and friends is a good way. For example to establish a Q exchange group, in a chat room, and find a more even flow Alliance up, high flow high ranking League even much. How many can get not less I feel more content flow. The flow goes up. Although my station not what traffic. But I am a rookie can 10 days IP1000 has been pretty good. You can see the<. > Post Bar; time and space; do stand must have patience. Endurance.

spends a little time doing the related sites and then guiding their traffic over. With some said: some people in order to seek fast, love the collection of information, I do not love, hope the visitor is the most intuitive to find the information he needs, if too much information, easily lead to false prosperity and disorder, then this site has become a waste, if you want to do a website, so that visitors love it, then should be streamlined, friendly. We can’t stand for the station, but we need to build it from the visitor’s point of view. Remember to remember.

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