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Soft paper is the medical industry site optimization represent the general trend

medical website with its unique advantages (a more reasonable allocation of medical resources, low cost, wide audience; at the same time, breakthrough time and space constraints, effectively reduce the cost of medical care, more important is the role of medical website publicity, hospitals and doctors to the basic realization of the site, hospital, doctor the purpose of a win-win situation in the Internet fast). At that time, the medical industry network marketing competition is becoming increasingly fierce nearly intensified, in this regard, Baidu for promotion is proof positive ah, almost all of the medical websites are not stingy in the aspects of burning money.

The fierce competition of

medical industry website marketing, the SEO which is a new means of promotion has become behoove medical website an indispensable marketing tool, but the competition is also an optimization for two years as can be imagined, the website, a few days no matter, ranking fell to the bet. Really let do medical website optimization webmaster melancholy.

The fact I have to say

, SEO is more and more difficult to do in the environment, between the medical industry site optimization have become one of the most difficult to do business. Content acquisition early history, nor the mass chain software. What’s the matter, blog sprocket should also eliminated, the forum outside the chain weight more and more low, I have years of blog, suddenly let the chain belt, hair classification information, said there is sensitive, this who wound up. Besides, the content of the web site, write original, time-consuming, no content to write, products can have new releases, you can have product upgrades, but the medical industry development is relatively slow, hard to new. Pseudo original bar, the weight of the old station is included in the high, new station, then the guilty.

SEO today, focusing on the transfer, the trend in the future is bound to pay more attention to the content, the role of the chain can not say completely useless, but I am afraid that the throne ". And the role of soft Wen will gradually highlight. For this change, the webmaster have some small discomfort, after all, soft Wen is not so good to write. Today, I share with you some of the soft text writing skills to the current situation:

an excellent soft Wen, the first is to have a shiny title, but do not encourage the title of the party. There are many kinds of titles. In this case, the author enumerates four types: 1, news headlines, which convey some information in the form of news release. 2, suspense title, set some suspense, triggering the curiosity of the object of appeal, and guide readers to seek the end. 3, question type title, to ask questions or the way, caused by the demands of the object’s curiosity, beyond all expectations. 4, the narrative title, in a straightforward way to convey the core content.

the second is the content, this is the soft focus, there are three points to master, 1, their focus is the core content of the soft, in-depth analysis of the key demands of 2, 3, and let the potential consumers into action. The specific style, narrative, expository, narrative and so on. Depending on the content requirements and the author’s ability to control the various styles. For medical websites, >

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