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The choice of domain name determines eighty percent of the site’s success

how big is the risk of using someone else on a website that really wants to make a difference in the Internet?. If there is any wind sways grass service providers, have established the flow, brand and search engine ranking will be so that all snow cast to the wind, want to sell products or services in the Internet business or personal, in any case have to own a domain name. Below, tears snow for everyone to introduce the choice of domain name…

one, domain name is the best short, easy to remember

popular domain name still belongs to English letters and numbers, due to domestic users of some of the less commonly used English words of memory difficulties, Chinese website is still the best choice as short as possible, easy to remember domain name. Tears Snow suggested that the domain name length is best not more than 7-8 letters. With the rapid increase in the number of websites, it is almost impossible to remember a domain name, even if it is sold at a high price by corn. If you have money, you can buy it.

good domain name while being registered, but we can think of a way to think of yourself in the basis of the original with a good record, meaningful and coherent figures, such as: 123, 163, 263, 286 and so on, short words, such as: tech, boy, top, Max, Dad etc., are is short and easy to remember the words, if coupled with the appropriate number on the basis of these, the other – within the combination will be a very perfect and unique, has a relative meaning, conducive to the development of a good future after the establishment of its own brand and reputation.

two, the use of conjunctions,

sometimes companies or individuals want to use a domain name very much, but they have been registered. Then, tears suggest that you think about conjunctions. Such as:, and so on. The domain name contains 1-2 a hyphen is acceptable to most users, but should not be used too much, too much will make people feel awkward, sometimes use hyphens, may have a better effect, a long string of letters but not easy to remember.

three, the domain name contains keywords or related words

tears snow here only for Chinese Web site to introduce, in fact, for Chinese Web site, the domain name contains keyword meaning is not very big. But you can consider how to produce a certain Lenovo products, services, domain name and brand culture of the enterprise itself, and this association is not only the key words, but can cover many aspects, especially the spiritual and cultural level.

casually mention here, Baidu is a classic. As a search engine, Baidu did not select the Pinyin of the search engines related to it, nor did it choose the abbreviation of Pinyin, but chose The Chinese "Baidu", is from "he found the degreeses", from the linguistic point of view, it is with the search engine.

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