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The decoration industry prospects gratifying website a profit business share

said that although the current real estate is very bad, but the decoration industry has maintained a strong growth momentum, perhaps a lot of people think that real estate is not closely related to the decoration and real? Why the real estate downturn, how the decoration industry is thriving? The reason is the decoration cover very widely, because now many small and medium-sized investors to open shop to do business, the decoration of the growth in demand is very strong, plus some second-hand housing renovation, decoration industry to grow a few arm, therefore, decoration websites if you can now catch the sharp growth of the ride, it will get very good the profit, below is the author of their own operating local decoration site’s profit sharing experience


one: and business cooperation, decoration bidding

this is the typical local decoration website profit model, but also can bring huge benefits to the website profit pattern, because many owners now, more and more love through the Internet to contact the business and seek help, as the place decoration nets should seize the trend of sharp, and many local decoration company made contact, and provide reservation decoration features on the site, allowing users to place to decorate website as the intermediary, form three aspects of cooperation, and the local network can receive royalties from the decoration, decoration and local site effect, can also help users to decorate a company to complete the work on time, ensure the quality of decoration


two: advertising profits

this is the site of the most basic functions, but now this has not made a good profit, to know the advertising profit comes mainly from the web traffic, as a place to decorate, may be able to get some traffic through a variety of marketing tools, but to achieve the possibility of tens of thousands of daily traffic is extremely low so, these ads that earn the cost of advertising and rent-seeking object, nature is the local decoration company, building materials company, if there is a local building materials market, it also can give the site to bring a lot of advertising business, well done can also get good profit


three: offer group buying function

although many owners find the decoration company to do, to design, but many raw materials are all their own to run errands, that can save a lot of money, of course, this is because a lot of successful experience in guiding them to do so, because the Internet is now popular, many owners began to purchase the object on the Internet now, to achieve through online shopping, group purchase is not very fire, so some decorative building materials with local raw materials businesses, launched a number of building materials group purchase activities on the site, it also can help the website to obtain a certain profit, and this novel form, can also be a lot of 80 owners by


four: offering some value-added services

this value-added service is mainly aimed at the decoration company, when their own local decoration network >

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