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Perplexed 2010 where is the road of grassroots stationmaster

2010 we found that the individual stationmaster glory may be hard to go, because a single model, weak marketing, personal website into a dead end: the construction site – filled web content – Promotion – to get traffic to sell advertising. With more and more personal website, homogenization phenomenon is serious, the contents of the old, rigid mode, website style is difficult to emerge, even if occasionally get some unstable traffic and users, also bring real benefits how to master.

we can not help but somewhat confused, and occasionally self deprecating, IT community of migrant workers, we have overlooked a point: that is to reflect on. Ask yourself what you’ve done, whether you’re doing it or not, or just a little bit of time, and you’re going to make a lot of junk sites for traffic. Page rough, highly repetitive content, fully mechanized collection, while cursing Baidu is not included, not to the weight, while the bulk of the manufacture of garbage information. Occasionally linger in the webmaster forum, also preaches unbridled pessimistic information, indeed, the environment is not good, but if we really do stand, do regular station (what is called a normal station? That is less beautiful pictures, small batch collecting some entertainment information, don’t just a few hundred garbage station, shelves) hard to maintain, indeed for visitors to provide quality content, provide the correct content, even if the user experience is poor, we will feel gratified, users will get the things you want. Less impetuous, more patience, calm down to think about it, in fact, this cake is still very large.

don’t always think that the Internet has no opportunity, now do what all night, a year down to start with, if the last year I began to do so like the words, don’t think we have begun moving up? We respect the objective factors, because some owners of the restless and destruction leads to strengthen national management, leading to a lot of us make a website difficult, as a government, management is certain. In order to be a regular friend, it should be a good news. Give yourself a goal, peace, encounter difficulties and setbacks, we are not immediately to complain, but as soon as possible to think of the solution, the domain name to the record, we record, batch down how to do? Can quickly record, record access to re do? We re access, do not put home.? we buy foreign servers, virtual space rent abroad. Complaining only makes you more angry, but the problem still can’t be solved. The content of the website is formal, in fact, you are safe except for the accident in the whole engine room. And why is the whole computer room blocked and so on? And who made the garbage or violation information? Did we ask? We need more industry standardization.

, the young Chinese Internet needs us!

!The importance of

website on the Internet is self-evident, it is difficult to grow, but also in the business model is too old, in the eyes of many webmaster, personal website business model in advertising, in the homogenization of the situation. Therefore >

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