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The economic crisis brings opportunities for B2B online shopping mall

recently, the seventh ASEM summit held in Beijing, President Hu’s three concise and comprehensive sentence shows that the Party Central Committee to deal with the global economic crisis strategy. President Hu said:

one, " confidence is more important than anything; "

, two, " Asia Europe cooperation, win-win cooperation is our best choice; "


, three, " first we must do our domestic work well; ".

why President Hu’s speech can bring opportunities for B2B? In November 30th, President Hu in the online articles are described, Hu pointed out: " at present, the international financial crisis continues to spread, the external conditions for China’s development has become more complicated. In a period of time, we will highlight the face of the international financial crisis effect of continuous deepening, the global economic growth is slowing down the pressure, highlighting the facing external need to significantly reduce."

, that is to say, China will, within the next 15~20 months, reach " through increasing domestic demand; Digest " domestic economic crisis and resist the external economic crisis of " invasion of " the purpose of.

I would like to give some practical examples of the above points.

domestic famous brand shirts PPG Shanghai PPG Garment Co. Ltd’s products, PPG does not have a physical store in the country. According to the 2008 listed companies in the first half of the sales report shows, PPG sales and gross profit has more than domestic famous brand YOUNGOR YAGE. Net sales will become one of the main consumption patterns in the future.

Guangzhou quite a number of clothing companies have installed business transferred to the Internet, businesses mainly consider the following aspects:

1, the Internet can effectively reduce operating costs, such as no physical stores, no transport, no large warehouse and other.

2, internet promotion cost is low, compared to the same period in the CCTV CCTV bid, a few more than 50 million, more than 200 million above (reference since 2007 an advertising section Wang price). Website advertising the same price can buy a huge number on the Internet, and is targeting.

3, through online shopping system online sales clothing, do not need too high threshold, and fast, safe.

4, there are many domestic online shopping mall system IT service provider.

according to this observation, the foreign trade industry will be a huge impact, thus confirms the Alibaba Mr. Ma " winter on ". Conversion from the outside in the imperative, B2B industry will take on the " the economic crisis of the ship toward the brilliant.


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