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New station chief close your door to safety

I’ve been doing more than half a year, and I’m not an old hand, but I’ve accumulated a little experience. Today, to the new station chief said, is to close your safe door!


beginners webmaster, is to use the website management system available, PHP DEDE, ASP, etc. have PowerEasy kosun. Small and medium-sized websites or garbage station webmaster, very few people write their own procedures. Although I am a little ASP, but still no effort and patience to write their own station. Using the existing website management system, should be time-saving, worry free good way, but when the webmaster should pay attention to, do good safety precautions, otherwise – the consequences are very serious!


a few days ago, nothing else on the Internet, fooling around, accidentally see a website (here is not to say, if the friend will have an ulterior motive……). The website is doing well, beautiful and concise. I like it very much. I want to see what website system he uses, but there is no trace in front of the website. Just in the URL followed by "/admin/login.asp", ha ha, background login page out of the news. With Cotel default account and password tried, did not go in, this is no surprise! Look at the back to the front desk, found that he did not set the web forum, but the news website management system is a function of the forum. Perhaps stationmaster thinks forum does not have use, or do not have energy to manage, in brief, downstage cannot see forum entrance. I added "/bbs/index.asp" at the end of the URL, and there was the front page of the forum. Oh, he should not estimate forum background change, and then enter the "/bbs/amdin/login.asp" forums login screen background, Kosun default input account and password, if I want to enter the forum, the background (oh, system administrator privileges)! Can do next work a lot, such as modify the file type, backup database. But I’m a citizen, besides his own website webmaster hard like a child up, also not easy! To write this article, the purpose is to tell the novice webmaster, do stand to be careful, not used to things, and don’t move to the server, even if it is moved up, also take important data change a (address of the background database, user name, etc.).

all right, don’t say any more. Hope you don’t lose your eggs,


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