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How does 250P’s website achieve annual gross profit of 200 thousand

straight to the point, like big department webmaster, here not only share the experience, more important is to promote itself. The first statement of my writing level is limited, well, not to say nonsense, and stick to the point.

200IP website how to achieve annual gross profit of 200 thousand, in the final analysis: SEO+ product sales. First talk about personal experience, see celebrity speeches are like this, ha ha, although I’m not a celebrity, is a grassroots webmaster. Maybe this way is closer, and it can give you some enlightenment.

I graduated from university in 2007, but I majored in non computer related professional graduates, two months in a bearing company class, playing for two months, did not feel what future resigned, 08 years in Shenzhen around a year, 08 years of gold every crisis in the big department in the company. This time I also appear layoffs, resigned, back in the rental housing. The Internet… More process and not related to the subject is omitted.

at the end of 2008 because every day on the Internet bubble, then contact SEO this new term, he found that only the husband website, in which to learn something, because I have basic computer, although I am not a computer, but I am very interested in computer, university self-study Photoshop web design, FLASH and so on, were also not in-depth study and learn some fur, so to accept these things pretty fast.

one day, see a post on the seowhy forum, and met my partner, he was doing before the traditional business, because he learned from his friend on the Internet to do business income is also quite optimistic, so I want to try to online business. Still have a reason, and later he called me from Shenzhen, the present place: Wenzhou, but not in Wenzhou City, is a small place, Longgang. We can Baidu search Longgang Gift City and Longgang printing city. Here are a lot of family enterprises, is a small, small gifts, such as advertising cup, advertising fan, advertising mouse pad, keychain these small things, of course, also have a big, like printing such as Zhejiang Shuguang printing group, six Guangxi etc. This is the printing enterprises. (it’s all about location.)

in December 2008, I came to Wenzhou, the first thing the website, it is to use the form, then I use CSS+DIV to rewrite the code, title, keywords, description of the site is optimized, the dynamic of the station to generate static pages, so I also wrote several articles on the static ASP article. You can also search in Baidu: static ASP series, the top three are my article.

these work is done after the waiting, in which the chain, before I came, my friend has done a lot, so I do not care too much about the chain. Time after day, Baidu slowly included, ranking is also slowly rising.

turns to 2009

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