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How successful is the nternet’s small start up team

    saw yesterday to $1 billion to sell Instagram Facebook, we have discussed a wheel, which many people feel is not in fact, founder of writing program, he was still in the NextStop is to do marketing personnel, the use of night learning to write the program; the success of Instagram, proved the overall success of the web’s most original small team, small front again!

turned out an old article six years ago and mentioned what I have always believed: "the Internet is small." see below:


for the past twenty years, the value chain of electronic factory continuous cutting, integration, such as the Fab indirectly contributed to the rise of the fabless IC design company, we feel that the IC design company has to do the small capital investment reduction, but really the most streamlined, is actually in the top of the so-called " application; " (application); end. Especially popular in the embrace of Internet, the "software" cost more and more low, the threshold is getting lower, the stacked layers of system hardware, due to technological progress and to lower the costs, plus the price competition, and the software is all open source and free to use, thus creating a phenomenon –

is a poor student, he can learn to write programs in a few months, then do not need financing, without registration company, shall not suspend or quit your job, you can set up a website, this website through the Internet network effect unique "" (network effect) let it soon have a lot with advertising, membership, membership fee income, then have to consult with the requirements of investment, venture capital, and help you to find professional managers, stable growth, and finally sold to other companies.

Internet miracle is still happening today, including YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, until this year’s Fubar, Yukou, FriendFeed… Whether it is from the profit potential, technology, and the use of viscosity, let big companies prepare to buy have to buy it — if I do from competitors?

analysts have questioned Google’s earnings last year. Are human costs too high? Google hirings, a year more than doubled, many are engineers, it’s raised more than 10 thousand engineers, now we still often hear certain websites grow 500 times a year, it is behind the two students, then they are Google and negotiate the acquisition matters, in addition to spend a lot of money to buy.

at this point, we always want to ask, then, what exactly are the 10 thousand Google engineers doing? Google Labs also continue to launch new products, the United States and other big companies also have a lot of research institutions also continue to introduce new ideas and results, but are still students, empty sleeves barehanded, first to make a "

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