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Don’t go miser route website operation of small pieces can be gathered great wealth

in China, there are millions of grassroots webmaster, but if it talks about success, and how many? Ten with one or even too much. The reason why there are technical reasons, but also a lot of immature personal ideas, blind website construction led to the last to make ends meet. But what are the reasons for that?.

more grassroots webmaster failed is gone "miser" route. Adhering to the principle of "saving the province and reducing the province" is an excellent tradition of extravagance and waste. But in the construction of the website, such practice is only the foundation of a website construction. If you only want to get a pen, win success, this success rate is no different from the difficulty of starting from scratch. Website operation road, how to succeed, give up a small money to big money, no high input, never get high returns!


maybe someone would say, "without the injection of money, can’t you succeed?" the answer is no, unless you have great skills. But the person who really has this technology will not be a grass root webmaster. Money is like a snowball, will only get up together more, otherwise it will be sunshine evaporation, will be eliminated by the change rapidly on the Internet! Of course, money can not blindly invest the money wisely to see the biggest returns. So, how to "house" money, investment money? If you are interested, you can hold for one or two minutes, read the following content.

1: procedures for building web sites, templates,

has to say that the emergence of CMS has made the convenience of website construction on a fast track. It is no exaggeration to say that as long as it is not too illiterate, it will build a website. But because of the popularity of CMS, many people think that "CMS is universal", and download a program casually, you can build a web site that can create value. In fact, no wonder, in the past few years in the Internet development, there is indeed such a stage. In this period, regardless of the search engine, or Internet development, popularity, are in an infancy growth process, making money is relatively easy, the Chinese Internet competition market is far less popular today:


According to the CNZZ data center, the number of Chinese websites has reached 363 by the end of last June, an increase of 435.7% compared with the number of websites in June 2005.

. Which means what? The same website, in 2010, the construction site to profit, the whole industry competition will be expanded more than 4 times! The convenience of Internet users, driven by the momentum of development of the Internet and the demand of the Internet, to create more business opportunities at the same time, no doubt for the blessing of the living space the profit a exponential challenge of


in such an environment, a program can be used thousands of times, and a set of templates can be found everywhere in related and unrelated industries. Thus, in the accumulation of quantity, it has created a large number or high repetition content >

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