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How to make a good network of suggestions

is just a web site, so you can think about a few points:

one. Beauty – – a good site must pay attention to color matching, pay attention to; browse your site’s first feeling, so I suggest you must find a good Web Artist.

Two. The

function must be complete in all aspects of website to prepare the application page especially can let you browse the website people understand your website business and a representative of your site about substantive things, it must be fully


three. Simplicity don’t think that you will do many great website website is very complex, it is completely mistaken! Is closer to the perfect thing is the simple pursuit of atmosphere!! (personal views of the older generation, don’t k me) must consider to browse the web site of human visual habits! Don’t let them feel the visual fatigue of


four. Online customer service staff must recruit good customer service, as much as possible 24 hours online, so that it does not let go of any opportunity to make money ~

five. Customer service consulting service must do now intense competition in the market to be not white to customer service service is the hard truth (website customer service service, is nothing more than advertising (I) profit model, the other is not clear)

six. The entity must continue to grow, the site do not have power but is also a good entity (where the entity of course paper tiger can represent technology. RMB, relationship, good views ~ and website features (don’t know what it is they don’t have the characteristics of ~ ~ ~ you nee


seven. Website publicity, market development must be done!


1, find local forums put text ads, and mass related publicity post

2, the release of convening information, organize related activities, such as public service activities, ah, will also be better publicity effect!


3, recruit agents, let them develop the user and contact advertising, revenue sharing,

4, friendship connection, promotion and the PR value of the need!


5, search engine optimization,

6, in order to attract enterprises to join, you can consider providing self-service station service, divided into free and charge two, opened two domain name, home page recommendation, etc.


7, blog promotion, write blog, soft Wen, sent to the major blog, as long as your article enough to attract, not afraid of Internet users do not come!


younger brother for the first time to write articles ~ if there is anything wrong, please give my predecessors exhibitions, ~

younger brother, website; QQ 295675070 mailbox [email protected], look forward to the advice of your predecessors ~

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