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A personal summary of the webmaster entry

personal entry to the webmaster a little summary, I hope the new moderator, master bypass.

1. home page, you have to understand what you stand for,


fun? Making money? Hobbies? Basically, eighty percent of the stops are for money.

2. do stand type selected

, A:, finance, stocks, financial websites and so on, suitable for GG, Baidu advertising, etc..

B: e-commerce class. The profit model is clear, selling a sum of money.

C: download class site, do download class, need to consider the space cost and profit way.

D: audio and video sites, is now GOV hit D version, or do as little as possible.

3. domain name selection,


domain name to the new note, not to go there to buy second-hand sale. First of all, good rice basically let the rice farmers get away, you go to the farm is a few meters minon, opening the lion’s guy, don’t kill you kill? Suggest Adsense or a new note, let go to


registered domain name, foreign countries can choose GoDaddy, now Yahoo seems to have more than a dozen dollars of COM, this is good. If you try to choose the domestic name, my website is registered in the name, but the name does not have a meter is good, do not make forwarding. Find a gold medal on behalf of the note, and then PUSH to your ID will be fine.

then I have to say some SB level characters, do TMD, cheap, always in 286 hair some: I want to buy domain name, who’s cheap come in. These SB level theme posts. I’m serious BS, such SB class figures. A COM generally expensive point, also in 55 yuan to 60 yuan, and then cheaper also 40 to a block of money. Can you name a few money? After the expensive and limited transfer or renewal charge high fees transferred, and ran out of the post jjww. I can only say that you deserve it.

called yanguobamao. IDC is not a charity. The customer has to squeeze some oil out. The domain name costs you for the first year or lose money to you. People will squeeze it later.

event case: isn’t that cool?

4. space choice,


the choice of virtual space has been a headache for everyone, before buying, who do not know the service providers and speed in the end what?.

How many things does a

webmaster need to do before buying space?.

A human flesh search: search for IDC domain name, IDC phone, IDC name, and customer service, QQ and so on. Also use Baidu search and GG search: XXX liar, XXX garbage and so on. (bell, for this negative story, most IDC will be handled by PR personnel. So search XXX cheats >

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