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Attention to disk drive viruses please

Admin5 brothers, please check the server in time, so as not to cause poisoning after the spread of a wider range of

with the arrest of the panda burning incense author, it has become history and gives us a deep warning. But driven by interest, there are still people who dare to risk making viruses.

DiskGen virus is the latest "a new generation of poisonous king", a panda warning, DiskGen virus become more sophisticated, more subtle.

more stationmaster concerns, drive through the LAN ARP communication (ARP? Familiar), the server of the webmaster, take note. Update the virus library, and pay attention to killing viruses.

, your own server is poisoned. It’s affecting millions of Internet users,


put an end to disk viruses, start with webmasters,

virus basic information:

what is a disk drive virus


disk virus is a more cunning and vicious computer virus than a panda burn incense. It will automatically shut down the common anti-virus software, Download trojan. Bring great losses to the computer. As of today, more than tens of thousands of computer viruses have been infected with disk machines.  

, like panda burn virus, is also a criminal gang. They are well organized, with a clear division of labor and a strong purpose. Most of all, they learned the lessons of past viruses and adopted more stringent self-protection measures. The killing of viruses and the investigation of subsequent versions have created great difficulties.

symptoms are as follows:

1 commonly used antivirus software isn’t open, or open immediately after being closed; (such as Kingsoft, rising, Kabasiji,


2 does not enter safe mode when it is started;

3 system hidden files cannot be displayed;

4 opens task manager and finds that there are two processes: lsass.exe and smss.exe;

disk drive virus, other symptoms:

opens Winrar, and then looks through the system32com directory, and finds the following file:






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