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Sanya travel mobile nternet with my Admin5 feeling

recently the school holidays, reported a tour of Sanya group, and feel the blue sky, blue sea, tourism in Sanya relaxed and leisure, but also thanks to my Admin5 mobile phone line.

introduce myself first, I’m not a standard to all owners, is learning, ready to do a teacher website data are also prepared 1 g, Admin5 is learning, has been half a year to insist on a daily habit will. In busy students prepare lessons when the exam, is no exception, every day do not open Admin5 read one or two articles, always feel less what.

this study organized our excellent backbone teachers to travel to Sanya for 8 days, very happy, a penny does not spend, the blue sky, blue water, free and unfettered. Before going out, using a bonus to buy a Nokia N81, mobile Internet access. I bought a battery specially.

unit organization is to fly to Haikou, and then from Haikou car to Sanya, the plane, it will take 4 hours car to Sanya, colleagues are whistling in the bus fell asleep. I can’t restrain my excitement, see the blue sky, back so quickly from Nanjing to Sanya, ready to write a poem, there is a long time, will look at the Admin5 website, fast loading CSS more slowly, first out of the hot part is digg. Several articles have been read before. Then is the first Alibaba B2B Wang Tong: inevitable decline written wonderful, see Wang Tong’s writing, although some people criticized him, but I feel more should stand in a neutral situation to see if the problem itself prejudice to see his article, it is not on his view of condemning, how dare he say that is, successful people. Also read a lot of small articles, the article comments are very exciting, the article has already been integrated into the atmosphere of tourism, and forget what the article is specific. Second days, as if also saw, some people refute Wang Tong, Alibaba B2B inevitable decline,  . Also see a teacher sends a teaching class website experience, left QQ, I give him QQ message, through mobile QQ chat a few words. Unfortunately, in the Admin5 review, the phone can not comment, otherwise I really want to comment on every news.

4 hours passed quickly, and in Sanya, the cell phone was running out of power. Oh, yes, and I saw a DoNews written by Liu Ren eight years ago. How much should we insist on?


makes me feel very deeply, although Liu Ren sold DoNews but has been my reverence for the network, he gave numerous writers and editors to create conditions, is really a candle, 8 years without a variant of the DoNews also see his prospective internet.

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